Community Hospital Glossary Index
  • American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey defines community hospital as nonfederal short-term general or other specialty hospitals, excluding hospital units of institutions.
  • Community hospital is defined as a short-term (average length of stay with fewer than thirty days), acute care, non-federal hospital. by Verispan L.L.C Hospital Market Report
  • A sole community hospital is defined by Medicare as any hospital:
    • that the Secretary determines is located more than 35 road miles from another hospital,
    • that, by reason of factors such as the time required for an individual to travel to the nearest alternative source of appropriate inpatient care (in accordance with standards promulgated by the Secretary), location, weather conditions, travel conditions, or absence of other like hospitals (as determined by the Secretary), is the sole source of inpatient
      hospital services reasonably available to individuals in a geographic area who are entitled to benefits under Medicare, or
    • that is designated by the Secretary as an essential access community hospital under Medicare.