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Latest News of the Emirates Health Care System - January 2009

The main aim of this page is to keep my students in the Health Administration program at University of Sharjah updated with the latest news & changes related to the UAE health care system & its environment....Click here to join UAE Health News Group

Call for mandatory scDubai Healthcare City recommends its Information System for Ministry of Health
Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has unveiled the results of a consulting study at Arab Health 2009, which addresses the feasibility of utilizing its innovative Healthcare Information Reporting and Analysis System (HIRAS) within the Ministry of Health. ...
Law Being Drafted on Use of Brain Dead Persons' Organs for Transplants
The federal government is planning a law allowing use of organs of brain dead people to give an impetus to the organ transplant services in the country which are still in their infancy. Except in the case of cornea transplant, the country currently allows organ transplants only from related, live donors because of the risks involved in accepting organs from unrelated persons. ...
Organ transplants from brain dead soon
The removing of organs from brain-dead patients for transplants is likely to get the green light within a year, Gulf News has learned. Roberta Al Housani-Blakely, transplant coordinator at Shaikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) in Abu Dhabi, made the announcement at the Arab Health Surgical Conference. ...
UAE Residents Prone to Lesser-known Abdominal Disease
Bad eating and sleeping habits that are partly attributed to traffic snarls have led to a rise in a lesser-known abdominal disease which is increasingly affecting the quality of people's lives in the UAE. Doctors attending the ongoing Arab Health Congress in Dubai have said that Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or acid reflux disease has affected more than a quarter of the adult population and is increasingly seen among children in the country. ...
Insurance Against Medical Errors Must for All Practitioners [200]
Private healthcare practitioners, including pharmacists, will not be allowed to practise in the country without insuring them against medical errors. The Ministry of Health (MoH) has sent a circular in this regard to all health and pharmaceutical firms in the private sector, Wam reported on Friday. ...
Doctors must get insurance against medical errors [200]
The Ministry of Health has sent a circular to all health and pharmaceutical firms in the private sector banning the practice of medicine in the UAE without insuring against medical errors. ...
ID soon required for medical facilities licence
Owners of private medical facilities will need to present an Emirates ID card to apply for or renew licences starting on April 1, the Ministry of Health said yesterday. According to a circular sent to the 1,300 pharmacies and 12 drug manufacturing companies under the ministry’s jurisdiction, they will be required to produce valid ID cards belonging to their business partners in the UAE. ...
Dubai Healthcare City recommends its Healthcare Information Reporting System for MOH
Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), a member of Tatweer, has unveiled the results of a consulting study at Arab Health 2009, which addresses the feasibility of utilizing its innovative Healthcare Information Reporting and Analysis System (HIRAS) within the Ministry of Health (MOH). ...
Wareed set for 2011 completion [302] [320]
Wareed, the largest public healthcare initiative in the Middle East, is scheduled to be completed in 2011. The project aims at linking all hospitals and recording patient record, enhancing working environment for medical professionals and improving patients' safety. A consortium comprising Hybrid Health Solutions (HHS), iCapital, Cerner, Injazar and GBM, is implementing the Wareed project. ...
Continued Growth In GCC’s Healthcare Sector Includes Health IT Investment [302] [320]
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) will hold its inaugural conference in the Middle East on 5-7 May 2009 in Manama, Bahrain. The three-day conference expects to attract professionals from the six-country GCC region, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, among others. It will focus on healthcare IT and insurance trends and adoption in the Gulf Region and healthcare IT and management excellence. ...
Sharjah steps up campaign against dumping of waste [302]
The emirate's municipality will soon start deploying inspectors at night to monitor the illegal disposal of chemicals at Al Saja'a Industrial Area. "Chemical waste is being dumped in those areas and this is very dangerous because gas pipes run underneath the ground, which can cause a huge disaster," said Hassan Al Taffaq, Head of Environment Section at Sharjah Municipality. ...
Dubai Capitalises On Healthcare Sector Boom In South Asia
“According to the Technopak Advisors report ‘India Healthcare Trends 2008’, the US$35 billion worth Healthcare industry in India is expected to reach over US$75 billion by 2012 and US$150 billion by 2017. With this current boom of the Healthcare industry in this region, companies in Dubai and the UAE are well placed to develop their businesses in the South Asian markets,” said Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Office, EDC. ...
Princess Haya says global crisis will impact healthcare  [200]
Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, wife of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, yesterday expressed concern over the implication of the economic crisis on the healthcare sector. She said the downturn would have profound implications on health and social welfare programmes and the poor and impoverished would be the first to suffer. ...
Confusion over licensing for medical professionals at Healthcare City
An official of Dubai Healthcare City, the medical free zone, asserted yesterday that professionals working there need not be licensed by the Dubai Health Authority, in apparent conflict with the emirate-wide healthcare regulator established last year. The authority is in the midst of relicensing all of the emirate’s healthcare professionals. Dr Ayesha Almutawa, vice president of the Centre for Healthcare Planning and Quality in Healthcare City, said healthcare professionals in the free zone were required only to be licensed by the centre. “This is the system within the free zone,” she said. ...
UAE healthcare requires staffing boost - experts [200] [310]
A shortfall of healthcare staff across the world could hamper the UAE’s dreams of delivering high quality care to residents and of becoming an international medical tourist hub, experts have said. The warning came from delegates attending the emirate’s annual Arab Health event that is expected to draw 5,000 delegates from across the region, according to UAE daily The National. ...
Royal opening for Leaders in Healthcare
HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, today (Monday 26 January 2009) delivered the opening keynote address to Leaders in Healthcare, one of 18 conferences that make up the Arab Health Congress. ...
Developing strong healthcare system [200]
GCC has world-class public healthcare sectors in terms of capital investments and infrastructure. Public hospitals have a strong financial support but utilisation in public healthcare systems is seriously low. Talk to an expatriate or affluent local and most likely they would tell you that the top two or three hospitals they go to are private. ...
Health investment omits staff [200]  [310]
Huge investment in new hospitals will not pay off unless a looming shortfall in health professionals to staff them is addressed, experts attending the Arab Health Congress warned yesterday. ...
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid inaugurated Arab Health in Dubai
UAE vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Monday officially inaugurated the Arab Health, the biggest gathering of health and medical professionals in the Middle East. ...
UAE Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler at Arab Health opening
HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Monday 26 January 2009 officially inaugurated Arab Health, which runs until 29 January 2009 at Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre. ...
Ships still dumping oily waste despite laws [302]
The only plant in the country that removes oil residue from tankers is struggling for business as the ships continue to illegally dump oil waste off the UAE coast. The facility at Khorfakkan port in Sharjah is getting only half the work it could handle....
Dubai achieves UK's most stringent medical lab standards
In an achievement that is the first for a pathology service laboratory outside the European Union, a Dubai-based lab has received approval for accreditation by Clinical Pathology Accreditation in the United Kingdom - CPA (UK). Clinical Pathology Services (CPS), located in Al Barsha, was confirmed for the scheme after an extensive on-site visit from CPA(UK) assessment teams, making it the first medical laboratory outside the European Union to achieve this accolade. The CPA(UK) standard is considered the most rigorous in the world, with a current pass rate of 53% in the UK. ...
Daman says no increase in Basic Abu Dhabi Plan premium for 2009 [200]
The National Health Insurance Company - Daman, announced that it would continue selling the Basic - Abu Dhabi - Plan at the same cost throughout 2009. The decision came following an agreement with the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HA-AD) aiming to serve the best interest of all members enrolled in the Basic Health Insurance Scheme as well as their employers. ...
Dubai Healthcare City system a ‘role model’ for Wareed’s IT [230]  [320]
The information system that manages Dubai Healthcare City should become a model for the national health IT network, its backers say. The first stage of the national system, known as Wareed, is being introduced across government-run hospitals and clinics. When completed in an estimated three years, it will let patients, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies manage all health care information from a web-based ...
Success in achieving gender equality hailed
The UAE has accomplished great achievements in the advancement of women on the grounds of gender equality in areas such as education, healthcare and work, Dr Maitha Salem Al Shamsi, the UAE Minister of State, said at the second Ministerial Conference of Non Aligned Movement (NAM) on the Advancement of Women in Guatemala City on Friday. ...
WHO report shows more young people are taking up habit [302]
Tobacco smoking is on the rise affecting 14.4 per cent of the UAE population over the age of 15 of which 26.1 per cent are males and 2.6 per cent are females, according to a report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO). ...
Smoking: Abu Dhabi's challenge
Abu Dhabi is expected to take major steps to bring down the rate of smoking in the capital, including a revision of the emirate's anti-smoking regulations which are expected to be in place later this year. The capital could however face an uphill battle since the rate of smoking in Abu Dhabi stands at 35.5 per cent, which is much higher than that of other developed countries. ...
WHO safe surgery checklist reduces deaths and complications
Hospitals in eight cities around the globe have successfully demonstrated that the use of a simple surgical checklist, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), during major operations can lower the incidence of surgery-related deaths and complications by one third ...
Gulf to spend $14 billion on hospitals [200]
Despite the collapse in the real estate market due to the economic slowdown, the UAE’s healthcare projects remain unaffected .... In the Gulf, almost $14 billion is being spent on new hospital and healthcare facilities currently in various stages of construction in a series of major public, private and jointly financed initiatives, according to new research. ...
Prevention, not cure, is the healthy option [200]
Dubai’s pioneering plans to improve heath will focus on primary and preventative care, The National reported last week. As a psychologist with a mental health background I was both delighted and excited to see that Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) innovative plans included screening with a view to prevention. Furthermore, the screening proposals go beyond the obvious illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and include screening for risk factors related to the development of depression. ...
More emergency rescue services needed, study says [200]
More ambulances and emergency rescue services are needed in most areas of the UAE, according to a study conducted by the country's Ministry of Health. The study estimated around 103 ambulances as the ideal number required across the UAE to provide the necessary daily emergency services and 83 ambulances at night along with 15 rescue vehicles ...
Dubai physicians to register online [320] [230]
The Dubai Health Authority started issuing new registration log in and password details to physicians enabling them to apply for their DHA license. Approximately 5,000 physicians in Dubai will be required to access the system to secure a new license. The registration is part of the DHA's health regulations program to create a single professional licensing and regulation body within Dubai.

Gulf in $14 billion hospital build programme [200]
Healthcare projects unaffected by slowdown as regional governments remain committed to infrastructure growth. Almost $14 billion is being spent in Arabian Gulf countries on new hospital and healthcare facilities currently in various stages of construction in a series of major public, private and jointly financed initiatives, according to new research. ...
Corneal transplants restore sight for scores of people
Corneal surgery has been performed successfully in various government and private hospitals in the UAE capital over the last few years, officials said on Sunday. ... "In the past, patients who needed corneal transplants travelled abroad and patients spent two to three months away from home. Now we are able to treat patients in the UAE which results in less suffering and inconvenience," said Dr Al Mosabi. ...
Health council focuses on standardisation [200]
A new national health body’s first initiative will be to ensure that levels of expertise among doctors and nurses, respectively, are uniform. The Health Council, whose formation was announced in June of last year, outlined its priorities at its first meeting yesterday. The body will co-ordinate health policy throughout the country, which had previously been done separately by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Ministry of Health (MoH). ...
Registration process under way for Dubai's 5,000 physicians [310]
About 5,000 physicians in Dubai within the private and public sectors are required to register with the emirate's health authority, as part of its aim to improve standards of medical care here. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issued all the physicians their new registration login and password details yesterday. The on-line application site will be operational on February 1. ...
Painkiller abuse prompts concern [200]
Health officials are concerned that prescription-drug abuse may be increasing in the capital and that addicts have little trouble getting their hands on painkillers and other kinds of pills. Doctors at the National Rehabilitation Centre said that since November they had seen more patients addicted to pills than before, although they could not give exact figures. ...
DHA begins registration process for physicians in Dubai [310]
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has begun issuing all physicians working in Dubai, from across both the private and public sector, with their new registration login and password details, enabling physicians to apply for their new DHA license to practice. ...
Standardisation essential next step for UAE labs [200]
The greatest challenge facing UAE medical laboratories today is a lack of standardisation. In an effort to rectify this situation, and bring all aspects of healthcare in the emirate into the twenty-first century, the Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS) published a set of strict standards in September 2007 to govern the performance of medical laboratories in Dubai ...
First dental practice management system of Middle East goes online in Dubai's DOHMS [230] [320]
The first automated dental practice management system in the Middle East has been implemented successfully in 17 Dubai medical centers and hospitals by the joint innovative efforts of DOHMS and IT partner Global Information Technology, one of the leading IT system integrators in the UAE and the Middle East. ...
Seven-point plan will unify the fight to beat diabetes [200]
An ambitious seven-point strategy announced by the Ministry of Health will for the first time unify efforts in the country to combat diabetes. Over the next 10 years a co-ordinated campaign will bring together health professionals to target those at risk. ...
UAE aims to halt rising cost of diabetes treatment [200]
The UAE intends to step up its fight against endocrinal diseases and their complications and looks to curb the rising cost of treatment of these ailments. Three Gulf countries, led by the UAE, are among the top five nations with the highest prevalence of diabetes in 2002, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). ...
Dubai introducing new licensing process for doctors [310]
In a bid to improve the quality of health care services here, authorities have introduced new criteria for physicians and has started re-issuing licenses to them. The license of those physicians who meet the new criteria both in public and private sector will be automatically upgraded to a full license which will be renewable after two years, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said. Those physicians who do not meet the criteria during the term of the grace period will have their license suspended or not renewed, the Director and head of the DHA's health regulation programme, Essa Kazim said. ...
SKMC Celebrates the 55th Case of Corneal Transplant
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City managed by Cleveland Clinic is currently the only hospital performing Corneal Transplant in the non-private sector in the UAE. Since Corneal Transplantation procedure started at SKMC fifty five (55) cases have been done by the Corneal Transplant team with excellent outcomes. SKMC is owned and operated by SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ...
Prescription for the nation’s good health [200]
The overhaul of Dubai’s healthcare system, which we report today, is as ambitious as it is conscientious. Encompassing comprehensive risk assessment screenings, health education and government incentives encouraging clinics to foster long-term relationships with patients, the future Dubai Health Authority (DHA) looks like a model of best practices from elsewhere in the world...
Dubai health plan mirrors nationwide movement [200]
The Dubai Health Authority’s healthcare master plan represents the latest move in the country’s mission to overhaul management of its medical system. In recent years there has been a move away from a federal approach to health care, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi adopting their own management and regulatory authorities. In the capital, the Health Authority Abu Dhabi was established in 2007 to tailor services to the particular needs of people living in the emirate. Last year, Dubai Health Authority was created for similar reasons, and since its inception has been working on a comprehensive way to boost standards and provide basic health care for its growing population. In the northern Emirates, the Ministry of Health retains control of management and services. ...
GCC healthcare market to grow by 16% [200]
The GCC’s healthcare market will grow by 16 per cent this year, bucking the global economic slowdown, organisers of an upcoming exhibition said. Organisers of the four-day Arab Health exhibition, which starts on Jan 26 in Dubai, said the region’s health care sector was still expanding and remained one of the fastest-growing markets for medical equipment and services. ...
Dubai to overhaul health care [200]
Dubai is planning “pioneering” improvements in healthcare services to focus on primary and preventive care, senior health officials have revealed. Under the plan, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is to order that every person in the emirate be screened for risk factors for major diseases such as high blood pressure and blood glucose levels. .....
Tawam Hospital goes live with Philips iSite Radiology Image and Information Management System  [320]
Tawam Hospital and Royal Philips Electronics celebrated the ‘go-live’ of the hospital’s new iSite Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). .....
Doctor says diabetes estimate is too low [302]
One of the country’s top diabetes doctors has said the number of UAE nationals with the disease or at risk of contracting it may be higher than a new government estimate. On Sunday, the Ministry of Health said it believed that 24 per cent of Emiratis have diabetes as it proposed a 10-year plan to combat the epidemic. .....
'Brain pacemaker' debuts in UAE
Pacemakers for the brain that help ease tremors suffered by people with Parkinson's disease are to be made available in the UAE for the first time, it was announced in Monday. The new technology called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is being introduced to Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) in collaboration with the University of Cologne and the German Centre for Neurology and Psychiatry (GNP) in Dubai. .....
Doctors to get online patient history [320]
Doctors in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates will have their patients' history online as part of a nationwide campaign made to update healthcare facilities in the UAE. "The update of the new system aims to give the best healthcare system in the country where all of the patients' history will be available to all doctors in the UAE," said Humaid Al Qutami, Minister of Health .....
DHCC first authority outside US to adopt codes for alternative treatments [320]
Codes will help regulate non-conventional treatments such as Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and homeopathy. Dubai Healthcare City announced that it will start implementing CAM codes, that were developed by ABC Coding Solutions to further regulate and measure the outcomes of CAM procedures within DHCC. .....
Daman triples its client base in less than 2 years [200]
Daman announced that its client base tripled to reach 1.6 million in less than 2 years, now covering around 30% of the UAE population. Since Daman accomplished the strategic 'one million members' objective in May 2008, Daman has increased its customer-base by 50% in less than six months. s .....
Health ministry to launch all-out war on diabetes [302]
The Ministry of Health has proposed a 10-year plan to fight the diabetes epidemic among Emiratis and said 2009 should be dedicated to the cause. The Ministerial Council for Services was briefed yesterday by ministry officials on its proposed national programme, which would include improving facilities, services, education and research to prevent and control the disease. An estimated 24 per cent of Emiratis are diabetic, according to figures presented yesterday. The World Health Organisation’s estimate for the global prevalence of diabetes is 2.8 per cent. .....
Gulf residents explore medical tourism in Asia [200]
South Asian medical travel destinations attract people from all across the world with the promise of quality medical care at affordable costs. Residents of the oil-rich Gulf countries in particular are looking at countries including Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand for all conceivable health tourism procedures ranging from face lifts to heart surgeries. .....
Doctors targeted as immune diseases rise
Doctors in the Middle East must be more aware of immune disorders if they are to prevent late diagnosis, as the number of people affected is expected to reach 400,000 in the GCC by 2012. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s disease and psoriasis are often misdiagnosed because medical professionals do not know enough about them, experts said yesterday. .....
Abu Dhabi autism centre begins work with 24 children
The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) has opened a new autism centre serving 24 children who enrolled a year ago, Gulf News has learnt. Even though the New England Centre for Children - Abu Dhabi (NECC-AD) has been receiving autistic children since last year the formal opening was on Tuesday. .....
UAE healthcare sector bucks economic trend [200]
The UAE's healthcare industry is continuing to grow stronger, bucking the overall economic trend, according to the organisers of the region's largest healthcare conference. IIR Middle East is still forecasting that multi-million dollar deals will be signed between healthcare providers and suppliers at Dubai’s Arab Health event later this month, despite the region's current economic woes. .....
Dubai's Al Maktoum Hospital will be turned into museum
Al Maktoum Hospital, which stopped offering medical services on Tuesday, will be turned into a museum .....
New visa rules leave clinics swamped
Medical centres performing mandatory health tests on expatriates are being swamped with patients after new rules came into effect this year. There are now only four Disease Prevention and Screening Centres in the emirate permitted to issue the health certificates required to obtain residency visas. The Government decreed last summer that only selected public health centres could issue the certificates. .....
Serious traffic casualties fall by 12% [302]
The number of people killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi fell 12 per cent last year, Abu Dhabi Police said yesterday. The decrease, especially among Emiratis, was attributed to tougher laws introduced last March, including a points system of penalties for motoring offences. ....
Health cover is mandatory [200]
Expatriates new to the country must provide evidence of a health insurance registration before applying for a work or visit visa. The usual scenario however, includes an employer providing his employees and their dependents (spouse and children under 18) with a valid health insurance plan. Individuals and small companies who are not eligible for a basic health insurance plan must undergo a process of underwriting and medical evaluation prior to the issuance of their insurance policies. ....
Daman pays first electronic claims to Oasis Hospital [230] [320]
The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, announced today that it has paid its first claims submitted electronically by Oasis Hospital. All of Daman's providers can now make their insurance claims electronically, which will substantially reduce the time and effort required by care providers to process a customer's claim. .....
Daman reminds UAE Nationals to present Thiqa cards to obtain free covered medical services in healthcare facilities
The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, is reminding all UAE Nationals registered in the Thiqa Program that they can obtain covered medical services free-of-charge at public and private healthcare facilities that are part of Daman's network as long as they present their cards...
Insurer says health care hit by fraud [200]
Daman says that the pain of insurance fraud will be felt by patients who are paying higher premiums. Doctors are committing fraud to have insurance companies pay for medication and procedures not covered by policies, insurers and health professionals say. The national health insurer, Daman, estimates that 1,500 fraudulent claims are filed each month, representing one per cent of claims. ....
National health concerns get full treatment at Women’s Healthcare [302]
Women in the UAE are increasingly facing serious health issues. According to recent estimates by the World Health Organization, the UAE faces obesity incidence rates at 60 per cent, rising diabetes rates of 25 per cent, and a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease, the cause of 26 per cent of all deaths in the country. .....
To keep diabetes at bay, go for regular checkups [302]
Diabetics must have a checkup every three months to keep their disease at bay, urged medical experts. With 21.4 per cent locals and 17.4 per cent expats affected by diabetes in the UAE, the blood glucose test forms an important part of the diabetes treatment plan. .....
MOH merges school health services with primary medicine [302]
WAM - The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued an ordinance merging the school health medical services in Umm Al Qaiwain, Ajman and Fujairah with the primary healthcare. Tthe Executive Director for health policy affairs at the MOH Dr. Mahmoud Fikri said that the central clinics of the school health programme in various medical districts will continue to provide the preventive medical services as before with the support of an adequate cadre of doctors and nursing staff.

Health cover is mandatory [200] [302]
Expatriates new to the country must provide evidence of a health insurance registration before applying for a work or visit visa. The usual scenario however, includes an employer providing his employees and their dependents (spouse and children under 18) with a valid health insurance plan ....
"Insurance companies undermine health care" [200]
A lack of trust between insurance companies and medical professionals is eroding care and undermining treatment for some patients, doctors have said. Insurers must approve the cost of medical treatments before payments are approved. Although the industry standard is 24 hours for standard approval, and no approval is needed for emergency treatment, many doctors say it can take much longer. Some also say the insurance companies, at times, interfere with clinical decisions. “The entire healthcare system is undermined by a lot of distrust,” said Dr .....
New system to streamline healthcare in Dubai [200]
Far-reaching reforms to Dubai's healthcare system began yesterday in a move to guarantee universal access to front-line treatment. A new funding programme, managed by the recently formed Dubai Health Authority (DHA), makes it compulsory for all residents in the emirate to register with a clinic. That clinic will then become the first port of call for all medical problems, except emergencies. People can select their own clinic and do not have to pay a fee to register. .....
UAE to get its first dialysis centre [200]
Doctors in the UAE could face criminal charges for medical negligence under proposals in a draft law presented to the Federal National Council yesterday by the Ministry of Health, reported The National. The proposal bring criminal sanctions against doctors who breach terms of care and set up mortality and morbidity committees in every hospital to examine each death that occurs there.

Al Ain Hospital sets renovation
Al Ain Hospital has launched a Dhs140m renovation plan to modernize and expand its services. A new facility inside the premises of Al Ain Hospital is also being considered as a teaching hospital for treatment, education, and research.


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