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News of the Emirates Health Care System - February 2009

The main aim of this page is to keep my students in the Health Administration program at University of Sharjah updated with the latest news & changes related to the UAE health care system & its environment....Click here to join UAE Health News Group

Hepatitis B training for doctors
More than 250 doctors are to be alerted to the dangers posed by hepatitis B through a national training programme starting this week. They will undergo instruction on the diagnosis and treatment of the viral disease and be taught about preventative measures, according to the Ministry of Health. ...
GCC may standardise drug prices
The six GCC countries are considering a plan to standardise prices of drugs across the Gulf States to help make healthcare more affordable, reported Kuwait Times. The plan includes reviewing the prevailing prices of medicines and determining the lowest price which will then be adopted officially.
Dubais antismoking campaign to intensify [302]
Municipality is stepping up efforts to control smoking in public and to enforce laws against shisha in some coffee shops. Last year the authority sent out notices to the citys cafes, giving them until the end of December to adhere to the rules. Yet more than 25 per cent of the coffee shops in Dubai continue to flout the regulations by serving shisha, officials said. They warned that violations would not be tolerated much longer. ...
Medicine prices
GCC countries are studying the possibility of standardizing the price of medicines across all Gulf states. The plan includes reviewing the prevailing prices of medicines and determining the lowest price which will then be adopted officially. ...
Over 3000 physicians secure new DHA license registration details
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has had a successful start to its new licensing procedures. Over 3000 Dubai based physicians have now completed the first stage of the new licensing programme by registering with the DHA and picking up their new online license application details. ...
Survey demonstrates greater need for blood donation education in Dubai
In the results of a survey conducted by Real Opinions, with the support of Zabeel Investments, Dubai International Financial Centre and Arab Media Group, it was shown that most of those surveyed were unsure of where they could donate blood, but were keen to do so. ...
UAE MoH assures that cavity prevention better than treatment
The majority of children in the UAE suffer from poor oral hygiene; Dr. Ibrahim Arab, Director of Dental Department, Ministry of Health confirmed that the dental department focuses on reducing cavities among children of different age groups. ...
Tawam Hospital wins Healthcare IT Award with Philips iSITE solution [320]  [230]
Tawam Hospital in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, one of the Middle East's leading medical institutions, has won the Capsule Specialist Achievement Award for Information Technology at the 2009 Arab Health Achievement and Innovation Awards. ...
Abu Dhabi to have workers' hospital
A new hospital is to be built for workers in the Al Mafraq area, set to be completed by 2011. The new workers' hospital is to offer 60 beds and will be the first hospital for workers in the country. In addition 25 new specialty clinics are to be run by a private healthcare company as part of a 10-year plan to provide better health services in the capital.
Shift patients from hospitals to local clinics [200]
In reference to Patients say waiting times are getting longer (Feb 21), hospital emergency rooms by design and operational protocols are not the best place for non-life threatening illnesses like the common cold and stomach virus. This was the lesson learned here in the US. So our healthcare system developed satellite clinics strategically positioned in neighbourhoods to serve the communities near major hospitals ...
Action promised on clearing doctor backlogs [200] [310]
Patients seeking treatment at private hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi are being forced to wait for hours because of long delays in licensing new doctors, according to healthcare administrators. Doctors say the problem has led to staff shortages and efforts to bring in doctors from abroad are being delayed because of the health authoritys lengthy licensing process. ...
UAE MoH to bring in online prescriptions [230]  [320]
Within the next six months, all hospitals and clinics under the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH) are to issue electronic or online prescriptions.
Health ministry targets hypertension [302]
The Ministry of Health yesterday began a campaign against high blood pressure, part of its effort to reduce lifestyle diseases. A World Health Organisation study last year of environmental health factors and lifestyle diseases found that 18 per cent of the UAEs health burden was preventable. One of the major non-communicable diseases is hypertension, which goes along with diabetes, ...
Dh600m Hospital for Women and Children in Capital
A world-class hospital for women and children, Danat Al Emarat, being built in the capital at a cost of Dh600 million will be ready in early 2011. The hospital will be located in the Armed Forces Officers City in Mohammad bin Zayed City. ...
Drug smuggling into jails still rife [302]
Drugs are being smuggled into jails despite searches of all visitors, the Dubai Police chief said yesterday. An official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that 30 people were caught trying to bring drugs into prisons last year. And a few weeks ago, a prisoner died of a heroin overdose. The official said all those caught were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution. Five inmates are being tried on additional drugs charges. ...
First rabies fatality in UAE in 10 years
Dubai: A man being treated for rabies at a local hospital died on Monday, the first such death in the UAE in a decade. Gulf News reported the labourer from India was admitted to Al Baraha Hospital on February 8 after he started showing symptoms. ....
Dubai Health Authority launches call centre
The new Dubai Health Authority has launched a call centre to provide information about its policies and plans. Qadi Saeed Al Murooshid, director general of the DHA, said the call centre was set up to help clarify the authority's 'ambitious' programme as it went through its four-year implementation process. According to a press statement, the 800 342 (DHA) helpline will deal with general enquiries relating to all aspects of the DHA programme. ...
Nationals Upset at Decision to Impose Treatment Charge [200]
ABU DHABI - UAE Nationals are upset at the new decision by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HADD) asking those with Theqa Health Cards to bear 50 per cent of the cost of medicines from private pharmacies and half the charge for dental treatment in
private clinics. Zaid Al Suksuk, Director General of HADD, issued the circular to insurance companies and health clinics, which came into effect from February 15. ...
Dubai Health Authority sets up call centre
Dubai: Residents wishing to learn about the policies and plans of the incoming Dubai Health Authority can reach it via a call centre which was launched on Monday. Qadi Saeed Al Murooshid, director general of the DHA, said the call centre was set up to help clarify the authority's "ambitious" programme as it went through its four-year implementation process. ...
UAEs efforts to combat faux pharmaceuticals [200]
The plain white boxes with dull grey lettering that line pharmacy shelves are supposed to contain medicine to improve peoples well being. But worldwide concern over the legitimacy of pharmaceuticals has increased markedly in the last three years. ...
Fraud leads to cut in dental insurance [200]
Daman, the national health insurer, has started recruiting more dentists to help it detect fraudulent claims. Dentists are prescribing unnecessary treatment and claiming money from insurers for procedures they did not perform. The Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) last week announced the large numbers of violations by dentists led to it dropping full dental insurance cover for Emiratis at private centres. Beginning today, Emiratis will have to pay 50 per cent of dental costs under the Thiqa programme, which has 500,000 members, unless they are treated at public hospitals or clinics. ...
Noor Dubai treats 30,000 for free
Noor Dubai, the UAE-born charity initiative focused on preventing and treating low vision and curable forms of blindness around the world, treated around 30,000 people of all ages last week in Sudan and Bangladesh at its free cataract treatment camps. These camps witnessed remarkable treatment records by undertaking more than 3,000 surgeries in one week. ...
Online Prescription On the Cards [320]  [230]
Within six months, all hospitals and clinics under the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH) will issue electronic or online prescriptions, said a seniorhealth official. ...
253 Clinics Registered for Out-Patient Care [200]
As many as 253 of the 600 clinics in the emirate are registered as Out-Patient Care Practices (OCPs) to provide basic healthcare services under Dubai Health Authoritys compulsory insurance scheme. Almost 1.5 million residents of Dubai are expected to sign up with OCPs of their choice to obtain basic healthcare services once the DHA commences the registration process. ...
HAAD Endorses 4th Annual Healthcare Expansion Congress Middle East
The market, currently estimated at $5bn is expected to grow by 50 per cent year on year up to 2013 The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has endorsed the fourth Annual Healthcare Expansion Congress Middle East, which will be held from 13-15 May 2009, in Abu Dhabi. ...
Health - plan for the worst, hope for the best [200]
Dubai: In the reality of today's world, no one is immune from illness or accident. Even if you haven't set foot in a hospital for years, a mishap or the discovery of a medical illness is always a possibility. And as many people have discovered, the costs of hospitalisation, treatments and doctor visits can quickly soar out of control. ...
UAEs Insurance Sector Seen to Grow Slower at 26 Per Cent [200]
DUBAI - UAEs insurance sector is projected to record a slower growth of 26 per cent this year, compared to 31 per cent in 2008, with total premiums estimated to reach Dh18.12 billion as the economic meltdown is expected to lead to a softness in the non-life segment, an analysis by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) said. ...
Abu Dhabi modifies Thiqa programme [200]
The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has announced changes to the Thiqa Health Insurance Programme for UAE Nationals, introducing a co-payment of 50% for dental and pharmaceutical services in all private sector facilities. ...
Dubai has fewer doctors than estimated [200] [310]
Dubai has fewer doctors than expected based on the number of physicians who have complied with a new mandate which required them to renew their licence with the Dubai Health Authority. The DHA said they previously expected about 5,000 physicians to register during phase one, but the latest figures have put this number closer to 3,000, reported The National.

Dubai surgeon sues hospital for $4.1m
A Dubai plastic surgeon is seeking Dhs15m ($4.1m) in compensation from a hospital which he claimed caused his patient's death after surgery that resulted in the health authorities cancelling his licence, Gulf News has reported. The Dubai Civil Court has ordered the Department of Health and Medical Services to assign a committee to look into the American surgeon's allegations. The surgeon alleged that the hospital's doctors were negligent and failed to provide proper medical care for his Emirati female patient who died after plastic surgery that he performed. ...
Govt Drafting Federal Law on Aids Cases [302]
ABU DHABI - The UAE is drafting a federal law on Aids cases in coordination with the World Health Organisation, Health Minister Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Quttami told the Federal National Council (FNC) session on Tuesday. The new legislation will help fight the disease and facilitate integration of national Aids patients into the community through strict measures, Al Quttami said. ...
Federal National Council backs tobacco ban [302]
ABU DHABI - The Federal National Council yesterday endorsed a far-reaching proposal to restrict smoking across the Emirates and control how tobacco products are marketed. It would mean major changes to the habits and social lives of smokers and was welcomed by health care professionals. Smoking would be prohibited in most closed public spaces, in cars with passengers aged under 12 and anywhere in hospitals, mosques, educational institutions and sports facilities. ... In the UAE a packet costs about Dh7, compared with Dh32 (6) in the UK and Dh25 in the US. They are too cheap here. This is something we will be working ...
Abu Dhabi set to revise health insurance scheme [200]
Abu Dhabi: The full medical insurance scheme for Emiratis working in the private sector will be withdrawn by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) effective from February 15, Gulf News has learnt. A circular issued by the HAAD on February 3 states that Emiratis working in the private sector will henceforth have to bear 50 per cent of the cost of pharmaceutical products and dental care services. ...
Emergency plan activated due to scale of accident [302]
Dubai: Three people were killed and 12 injured, most of them seriously, in a mini-bus accident on Dubai-Al Ain road, according to police. All cases were brought to Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre, with the first case arriving at 8.58am. ... The accident was major enough to activate the Dubai Emergency Disaster Response Plan, which put several hospitals on alert to receive non-serious cases. ...
Tawam Hospital launches first patient safety programme to benefit patients and staff
Tawam Hospital in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine has successfully launched the first patient safety programme in the UAE to promote patient safety within the hospital and local community. ...
Al Ain Hospital reopens facility after renovation
Abu Dhabi: Al Ain Hospital on Sunday reopened its internal medicine department following a renovation intended to make it possible for the facility to offer improved clinical and diagnosis services. The department has some 11 specialised clinics that will provide convenient and efficient health care services to patients, said George Jepson, CEO of Al Ain Hospital, at the reopening ceremony. ...
Cancer Awareness is vital in battle against cancer [302]
Cancer is becoming one of the leading causes of death in the UAE. It was ranked third after cardiovascular disease and trauma, as previously reported by Gulf News. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently predicted that the number of new cancer cases worldwide will increase to 27 million by the year 2030. ...
UAE healthcare market to reach AED43.7 billion in 2015 [200]
The UAE healthcare market is undergoing a rapid transformation, as domestic per capita GDP increases and the demand for healthcare in the region as a whole continues to grow. The value of the market in the UAE alone is expected to rise to US$11.9 billion in 2015, from US$3.2 billion in 2005. ...
Medical Homes to Improve Healthcare in Dubai [200]
With a view to enhancing healthcare in Dubai, Dubai Health Authority is looking at the concept of medical homes, a model that has seen a lot of success in the US, in its upcoming healthcare plans, according to Dr Alya Ahmad, head of Paediatrics at City Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) describes the principles of a medical home as: personal physician, physician-directed medical practice, whole person orientation, co-ordinated care, quality and safety, enhanced access and appropriate payment. ...
Stores closed down after failing food quality checks [302]
Dozens of food stores were closed down last year and more than 500 were issued with warnings over products on sale which were out of date or of substandard quality, it has been revealed. ...
Private Clinics Feel Recession Pinch [200]
DUBAI - Private clinics in the country have started feeling the pinch of recession, with several clinics in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman witnessing a drop of up to 40 per cent in the number of patients. A few clinics are on the verge of closure, industry sources told Khaleej Times. ...
Dubai Medical Suites opens at DHCC
Dubai Healthcare City has announced at Arab Health it has opened a new ambulatory care center called Dubai Medical Suites. Located in the Al Razi Building at DHCC, the center has 20 fully-equipped clinics and examination rooms, six diagnostic rooms, four state-of-the-art operating theatres, four induction and 12 recovery beds as well as an ICU bed for emergency cases. ...

Electronic medical records make for better patient care
Imagine the scene: You are hiking alone, fall and hit your head. When someone finds you unconscious, they immediately rush you to the hospital. You are unable to tell the doctor your medical history or your allergy to a certain medication. At the hospital, a doctor gets on his laptop and searches for your name in his electronic medical records. He finds your entire medical history, contact information, and yes, even your allergy. He knows what to not prescribe and can move on with your treatment. ...
Cancer registry needed in the UAE [200] [320]
Health officials reiterated their call for a national cancer registry, which would help them confirm or alleviate some alarming cancer trends in the UAE, on World Cancer Day on Wednesday. Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the UAE after cardiovascular disease and trauma. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicted the number of new cancer cases worldwide will increase to 27 million by the year 2030, making it the leading killer. ...
Health insurance sector representatives meet Dubai Chamber officials
The meeting came in the wake of the hardships felt by the Group due to a slowdown in their trading activities brought on by the current market situation. ...
SKMC appoints Chief Medical Officer from Cleveland Clinic
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) managed by Cleveland Clinic announces the appointment of Dr. Atul C. Mehta as Chief Medical Officer at SKMC as of January 1st 2009. ...
SMS healthcare survey to take place
The Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD) in association with Etisalat is launching a pilot interactive patient satisfaction and awareness survey. The first of its kind survey in the country targets 200,000 residents in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The seven-question survey, a series of interactive text-based and multiple choice questions will be conducted over a two-day period starting February 8. ...
Diabetics in Dubai can get stomach snipped for cure
Dubai's main surgical public hospital will begin performing weight-loss surgery on diabetics in an effort to cure them. Weight-loss or bariatric surgery, such as duodenal switch gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding, have been shown to cure about 60 per cent of cases of diabetes. ...
Accreditation will bring quality and financial savings to medical labs in the UAE
Formal accreditation can save medical laboratories up to AED 750,000 and 70 days in reporting time, as well as improving the quality and reliability of laboratory results, said Mr. Paul Stennett, CEO of both the Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). ...
Education remains biggest challenge in cancer deaths [302]
Schools could play a major role in reducing the number of deaths from cancer by teaching young people that the disease is treatable if caught early, one of the Gulfs leading cancer experts said. ...
No Brands on Prescription, Ministry may Tell Doctors [200]
Doctors may be compelled to prescribe drugs by their scientific names, rather than the brand names, giving patients more choice under a move being studied by the Ministry of Health (MoH). Minister of Health Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Quttami told Khaleej Times that the ministry is keen on addressing the concerns of medical organisations that commercial influence weighed into drug prescriptions. ...
How was your hospital visit, patients asked [200]
About 200,000 people are to receive text messages next week asking them to rate their hospital visits. The Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) set up the system with Etisalat to find out what the public thinks about hospital care. ...
Gulf facing human resource challenges [200] [310]
The GCC is facing a series of human resources challenges as it develops strategies for sustainable development, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, said yesterday. ...
UAE medical providers 'must' have insurance [200] [310]
The recently introduced Federal Medical Liability Law, all health care professionals, including those practicing alternative and complementary medicines, must have insurance coverage against medical errors. The Ministry of Health has asked all private health care practitioners to insure themselves against medical errors by June 15, six months from the date of passing the federal law.

Psychological care to incorporate Western techniques
Sharjah: The level of care provided to psychological patients in Sharjah aims to be raised by incorporating Western psychological techniques and then adapting them to Muslim societies. "The majority of our patients have schizophrenia and it is important to always update our techniques so that they can receive the highest level of care available," said Dr Jassim ...
Demand for healthcare in Gulf "to jump 240%" [200] [302]
HEALTHCARE demand in general will rise 240% in the GCC region over the next two decades, with health risk factors, ageing, population growth and medical inflation contributing to the rise in spending. ...
Tests fail to find Legionella at hotel
The hotel where the BBC cricket statistician and commentator Bill Frindall was a guest before he died of Legionnaires disease has found no evidence of the deadly bacteria. ...
ADNIC Partners with Vanbreda to Expand Health Coverage Globally
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, a leading insurer in the region, has entered into a partnership with the prominent global health insurance consultant and administrator Vanbreda International to launch "SHIFA," a new medical insurance product that provides high quality health services and considerably expanded coverage overseas. ...
Practicing quality in Dubai healthcare sector
Phil Blizzard talks, at Arab Health 2009, with Dr Ayesha Almutawa, VP, Centre for Healthcare Planning & Quality, Dubai Healthcare City, about their role in raising standards across this rapidly developing industry. ...


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