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Latest News of the Emirates Health Care System : March - December 2009

The main aim of this page is to keep my students in the Health Administration program at University of Sharjah updated with the latest news & changes related to the UAE health care system & its environment....

Consultation times too short
According to the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) survey, the average GP consultation lasted just eight minutes – barely half the 15 minutes recommended by international guidelines. ...

Medical practices ’put lives at risk’
A culture of overprescribing medication is putting lives at risk and having a serious impact on public health, the capital’s health authority warned yesterday. ...
Insurers reject increase in UAE health care fees
Eight major hospitals and 17 medical centres in the UAE have proposed to increase fees by up to 45 per cent in the new year, insurance companies said in a meeting on Sunday. ...
Awareness about premarital health tests 'improving'
he UAE has made premarital screening mandatory and couples cannot get married unless they produce a certificate showing that they have undergone the tests. ...
No increase in the Basic Abu Dhabi Plan premium , says Daman
The National Health Insurance Company (Daman) announced that it would continue selling the Basic Abu Dhabi Plan at the existing premium throughout 2010. ...
Law passed to create federal health authority
A new federal health authority is to be created to run hospitals and other medical facilities more efficiently. ...
Diabetes in pregnancy on rise in UAE
Diabetes is increasing in pregnant women in the UAE, and there should be more programmes to help women control the potential effects of the disease on their babies, obstetricians say. ...
Printed hospital wristbands introduced to Middle East
UK-based Brenmoor currently supply 70% of UK hospitals with printed identification wristbands to ensure their patients are correctly identified throughout their stay in hospital - a practice which the UK Company is looking to roll across the Middle East. ...
The new Health Information System (Phase 2) to be implemented at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
The Information Technology Division at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) managed by Cleveland Clinic will go live with the second phase of the new Health Information System (HIS). ...
UAE healthcare sector predicted to grow 12% to 2012
The UAE's healthcare market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of more than 13 percent to 2012, according to new research. ...
Improved status and pay needed to attract nurses
There is a shortage of qualified nurses in the UAE and, as in much of the developed world, most nursing roles are filled by expatriates. The majority come from India, the Philippines or other Arab countries. ...
Obesity in the country is a growing problem
The UAE is currently listed by World Health Organisation (WHO) as the 18th most obese nation in the international obesity league. ...
Hypertension affecting 36% of UAE population
Dr Mahmoud Fikri, chief executive of health policies in the Ministry of Health, said an estimated 36 per cent of the population in the UAE suffer from hypertension. ...
Brain injuries are on the rise, top trauma centre says
Brain damage and other serious injuries have become so common that the largest trauma centre in the region is having trouble providing emergency care, a doctor at the hospital said ... Rashid Hospital has one of the most advanced trauma centres in the area, and takes in patients from other Dubai hospitals. ...
RAK Hospital opens the first Catheterization Laboratory in the Northern Emirates
This Cath Lab is the first to open in the whole of the northern emirates. The launch was in conjunction with the second anniversary celebrations of RAK Hospital. ... It has been estimated that 41 per cent of all deaths in UAE are caused by cardiovascular or heart related diseases. This figure makes it the number one cause of deaths in the UAE, overtaking deaths caused by traffic accidents.


Road accidents the leading cause of brain injuries in Dubai
Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in Dubai according to research findings of Dubai Medical College (DMC) students. Falls and assaults account for the second and third highest number of such injuries ...
Gulf countries needs more Arabic-speaking doctors
In 2007, 80 per cent of the physicians, 92 per cent of the nurses and 46 per cent of the pharmacists in the UAE were expatriates. ...
Gulf states face critical situation in tackling rising health problems
A surge in population, increase in life expectancy and high expectations of patients are creating enormous challenges for the health care sectors in the region ...
Shake-up urged in health care
Healthcare systems throughout the region need shaking up, the head of the GCC’s Council of Health Ministers said yesterday. “There needs to be a change, from the ministry of disease to the ministry of health,” said Dr Tawfiq al Khoja, the director general. “Health care is a complex issue and needs a multi-disciplinary approach. ...
Lack of Doctors Speaking Arabic Turns a Problem
Discussing regional challenges brought about by escalating healthcare costs and changing population needs, experts said the region was heavily dependent on expatriate healthcare staff, and that posed a challenge to the national human power development. “Medicine cannot be effective at the primary level unless you are able to explain your condition clearly to your doctor. And this can happen only if 
you speak the same language,” Dr 
Tawfik Al Khoja, Director General, Council for Health Ministers, GCC told Khaleej Times. ...
Transplants wait on new definition of brain death
The UAE is closer than ever to having an organ-donor registry but is still waiting for the final clarification of the law which defines brain death. ... A detailed definition of brain death is being considered by the ministries of justice and health, doctors have said. Any change in the law would have to be ratified by the Federal National Council.....


The UAE has emerged as one the fastest growing healthcare markets in the Middle East
According to our latest research report, "UAE Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2012", the healthcare spending in the country is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of more than 13% during 2007-2012. This growth will be driven by the favorable regulatory environment, increasing private sector participation and the introduction of compulsory medical insurance schemes together with the expected completion of the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) by 2010, ...
Gulf healthcare at a crossroad
Spending on health is starting to rocket in the Gulf. New strategies are needed, but insurance is not the answer ...
UAE begins swine flu vaccination campaign
The UAE is among the first 20 countries worldwide to provide the vaccine for public use and has 40,000 doses currently available, said Dr Jihane Tawilah, of the World Health Organisation. ...
More than 1m UAE residents suffer from diabetes says expert
More than one million UAE residents suffer from diabetes despite better health services and better awareness, a senior doctor told a diabetes congress. Dr Abdul Razzaq Al Madani, chairman of the Emirates Diabetes Association, added that the Gulf States were tackling the situation urgently. ...
50% of UAE children prone to fatal diseases
A senior official of the Ministry of Health warned that more than half of the children in the UAE will be prone to fatal chronic diseases in the next few years due to obesity and the situation needs to be tackled urgently . ...
Sharp rise in cancer deaths predicted
Deaths from cancer in the region could almost triple over the next 10 years unless early detection and treatment measures are improved, according to the World Health Organisation. Under current conditions, the number of deaths in the WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, which includes the UAE, is forecast to increase by between 100 and 180 per cent by 2020 – the biggest rise in any of the organisation’s regions. ...
30 To 40 % Of Mental Illnesses In UAE Are Schizophrenia-Related
Between 30 to 40 per cent of mental illnesses in the UAE are schizophrenia-related, while another 30 to 40 per cent belong to the bipolar disorder category. This was one of the issues highlighted at a medical symposium on mental illness organised by AstraZeneca in Dubai and Abu Dhabi today. ...
Healthcare Expenditure Growing at Double Digit in UAE
Increasing incidences of various diseases will continue boosting healthcare expenditure in the UAE, at an anticipated CAGR of more than 13% during 2007-2012, says latest report by RNCOS. ...
Expanded role for nurses and midwives
Health officials in Dubai are looking to increase the role of specialist nurses and midwives, in a move that would eventually see them performing some treatments currently performed by doctors. ...
Booklet launched on pre-marriage check-ups
The booklet educates marriage partners about the genetic diseases and the importance of the pre-marriage medical check-up. ...
High-calorie diet in UAE is dangerous
People in the UAE are eating too much of the wrong foods and straining the nation’s food supply, according to food experts and a recently released UN report. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimated that the average daily caloric intake per person in the UAE in 2005 was just over 3,000 calories – almost a third above the recommended amount for a healthy person. ...
Heart patient awarded Dh1.5m over swab left inside his body
A hospital and one of its doctors will have to pay almost Dh1.5 million (US$400000) to a patient who nearly died after a swab was left in his body ...
UAE population hits 6m, Emiratis make up 16.5%
The population of the UAE currently stands at around six million with Emiratis making up 16.5 percent, according to the results of two major studies, it was reported on Wednesday. ...
American Hospital in Dubai to introduce new heart bypass technology
a new technology for treating heart patients is to be introduced at the Heart Center at the American Hospital Dubai with the treatment called 'E-Mesh' (External Mesh). ...
Guidelines for investigating medical errors softened
Guidelines for investigating medical errors released yesterday are more lenient than draft proposals submitted to the Federal National Council last year. Under the procedures put out by the Minister of Health, Hanif Hassan, patients will be required to submit all complaints in writing. ...
High diabetes in UAE ups H1N1 risk
The UAE is at greater risk than the rest of the world if faced with a major outbreak of swine flu, as the Gulf country’s population has one of the world’s highest proportion of Type II diabetes sufferers, doctors say. ...
Daman will not tolerate fraud
The National Health Insurance Company - Daman, the leading health insurance company in the region, has confirmed that it has further discovered suspicious fraud and/or abuse cases and has taken necessary action. ...
DNA test to determine disease-free blood
All blood donations across the country are DNA-tested to ensure that they are free from any contagious diseases, a senior health official said. Since 2008 the ministry of health has started conducting DNA tests on all blood donation units. The DNA test is conducted to detect HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, ... Each DNA test cost about Dh 110 ...


Nurseries closed indefinitely to stop swine flu spread
All nurseries and special needs centres will be closed indefinitely as a precaution against the spread of swine flu, officials said yesterday. The Ministry of Social Affairs made the announcement as the Health Ministry said the number of deaths caused by the H1N1 virus had risen to six ...
H1N1 claims 6 lives in UAE
Even though health officials did not want to reveal the exact number of H1N1 cases across the UAE, Dr Hanif Hassan, Minister of Health, confirmed that six people have died from the virus, explaining that each of these cases either had a medical history or were very young or old. ...
Aussie healthcare system for Middle East hospital
An Australian-developed healthcare information system is to be deployed at a major teaching hospital in the United Arab Emirates in a deal secured by InterSystems with the yet-to-be completed state-of-the-art Sharjah Teaching Hospital. ... The director of information technology at Sharjah Teaching Hospital, Dr. Yaseen Hayjaneh, said TrakCare would improve patient outcomes and service by “effectively and efficiently automating and streamlining hospital operations ...


Young nurse is fourth to die from swine flu
A fourth person has died in the UAE from swine flu, health officials said yesterday. Two of the four fatalities have been young women in the late stages of pregnancy. The latest victim, a 26-year-old Indian nurse, died yesterday at Al Ain Hospital. ...
DHA operational structure announced
The future operational structure of the DHA, the government's strategic health authority for the Emirate of Dubai has been designed keeping in mind the current as well as future healthcare needs of the Emirate of Dubai. ...
Rotten Meat Triggers Sharjah Ban on Pre-packed Minced Meat
The Sharjah Municipality has banned the sale of pre-packed minced meat in supermarkets and food outlets to protect public health after it was found that rotten meat was being sold and consumers were being cheated of quality meat. ...
Medical insurance fraud puts lives at risk
Patients who use other people’s medical insurance cards so they can get treatment cheaply or free are putting both their own and the holders’ lives at risk, health chiefs said yesterday. ...
Why Abu Dhabi has health care it can be proud of
Health care is an important and newsworthy topic. However, a recent survey by the UK based company YouGov published in The National made for some concerning reading about the state of the health-care system in the UAE. ...
UAE records first swine flu-related death
The UAE today recorded its first death of a swine flu sufferer, the state news agency WAM reported. The 63-year-old man, who was an Indian national, checked into hospital with symptoms of the H1N1 virus as well as chest and lung infections. ...
Hospital gets new labour section
Al Ain: Handling a big number of high-risk pregnancy cases, Al Ain Hospital has officially opened its new labour and delivery facility with elaborated arrangements to handle such patients. ...
New maternity ward is born in Al Ain
Plans to bring one of the emirate’s oldest and largest hospitals up to world standard took a step forward yesterday with the official opening of a new maternity ward. The modernised labour and delivery unit at Al Ain Hospital forms part of a wider multibillion-dirham project to rebuild the 1970s-style facility. ...
UAE population likely to cross 5m
The UAE's population will cross the five-million-mark at the end of this year for the first time since the federation was established nearly 38 years ago, according to official figures released by the Ministry of Economy in April. ...
Study takes a close look at addiction
More than half of drug addicts in Dubai were formerly employed in law enforcement or emergency agencies, a first of its kind study on drug use in the emirate has found. A scientific study conducted by the anti-narcotics department of Dubai Police in 2009 presented the causes, methods, relapses, and the reality of drug addiction in Dubai with a specific emphasis on the growing addiction to medical pills ...
More rehabilitation centres required
Major Dr Juma Al Shamsi, Director of awareness and protection at the anti-narcotics department of Dubai Police talks to Gulf News. ...
American Hospital Dubai unveils first operational PET/CT medical imaging scanner
Dubai's first operational PET/CT medical imaging scanner has been unveiled at the American Hospital Dubai, following the licensing of the hospital to provide PET/CT scanner services to patients. ...
Emiratis snubbing careers in nursing - college dean
Nursing colleges in the UAE are failing to recruit Emirati nurses, despite government-funded sweeteners including full scholarships, the dean of a prominent nursing school has claimed. Dr Vijaya Kumaradhas, dean of Ras Al Khaimah College of Nursing, one of the country’s largest nursing schools, has said Emirati students remain significantly under-represented - a fact that is contributing to the country’s nursing shortage. ...
Dust takes its toll on nation’s health
Doctors are reporting an increase in the number of patients suffering from respiratory and eye problems as a haze of dust continues to shroud the UAE. Dr Bassam Mahboub, the vice president of the UAE Respiratory Society, said roughly 15 per cent of the UAE’s 4.8 million residents suffered from asthma. ...
Gastric surgery numbers balloon
Doctors are reporting increases of up to 500 per cent in the number of people turning to gastric surgery in an attempt to lose weight and are operating on patients as young as 12. Demand for surgery has soared as obesity rates in the UAE have reached “epidemic” proportions, with more than 25 per cent of men and almost 40 per cent of women classed as being dangerously overweight, according to World Heath Organisation estimates. ...
Four More Hospitals in
N. Emirates 
by 2011
Four more government hospitals will be set up in the Northern Emirates, Ministry of Public Works announced on Thursday. Works on Shaikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah, Obstetrics, Maternity and Paediatrics Hospital in Sharjah, Masfoot Hospital in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain Hospital will be completed by 2011, said the ministry’s periodical report. ...
UAE faces private hospital beds shortage
There is currently a shortage of 9,000 hospital beds in the UAE's private sector, which provides a huge investment opportunity in the sector, according to industry experts. The standard in healthcare is one hospital bed per 250 people, while in the UAE the number is one per 555, leaving a large gap in supply. ...
Advanced breast cancer affects 80% of women diagnosed in Dubai
Eight out of 10 women who attend Dubai's only breast cancer clinic for the first time are diagnosed with advanced disease, which although curable, adversely impacts on their survival, one of the clinic's doctors has warned. ...
UAE pays bigger bills for its pills
Prescription drugs in the UAE are significantly more expensive than in other parts of the world, including much of the Middle East, recent studies show. In addition, some lifesaving drugs are not even available in government-run pharmacies, where prices are lower, and must be bought in retail outlets, says the research. ...
Abu Dhabi hospitals offer lung cancer patients alternative to chemotherapy
"Lung cancer stands as the fifth type of cancer across the UAE, with breast cancer in the lead, followed by colon cancer and then lymphoma/leukaemia; however if things are not controlled in 20 years from now, there will be an alarming number of lung cancer cases due to an ageing population and smoking habits - whether through cigarettes or sheesha, which are equally harmful," said Dr Jaloudi. ...
Abu Dhabi offers free health insurance for special categories
The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) issued two new health insurance cards that will entitle select categories for free medical treatment. .... The first card, which bears the name 'Aonak', is for people with special needs and orphans. The second one named 'Riaaya' is for prisoners, detainees and inmates of correctional institutions. ...
Ignorance About HIV Among Arab Youth Alarming: Study
Can a mosquito bite or sharing food with an infected person transmit HIV? Well, many young Arab men and women seem to think so, according to a study ... ...
Road safety mired in ignorance, doctors say
According to a study by UAE University in Al Ain, only 11 per cent of Emiratis and 44 per cent of expatriates wear seat belts. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says seat belts reduce the risk of death among front-seat passengers by between 40 and 65 per cent, and the risk of death for back-seat passengers by 25 and 75 per cent. ...
66 percent of deaths in UAE are due to chronic diseases
Chronic diseases in the UAE account for more than 66 per cent of the deaths that take place in the country, a senior official of the Ministry of Health said today. Addressing a health seminar as part of an ongoing campaign against obesity, Dr Mariam Matroushi, Director of the Health Legislation Department at the ministry, said, “Obesity is a worldwide crisis and the problem is more pronounced in the UAE.” ...
New Policies to Tackle Obesity Among Children
Health policies, based on the outcome of an ongoing Unicef-backed campaign, will soon be implemented in the country to tackle child obesity. According to a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Health (MoH), the number of obese children in the country now stands at 52.8 per cent. ...
Health insurance for Dubai public staff and dependants comes into effect
A health insurance scheme for all government employees in Dubai and their dependants comes into effect from Wednesday, July 1, and will also cover chronic diseases, pre-existing medical conditions and basic dental care, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced on Tuesday. ...
DHA Launches ENAYA Insurance Scheme For Government Employees
The Dubai Health Authority announced the launch of their health insurance scheme, ENAYA, for government employees in the Emirate of Dubai. The DHADHALoading... has tied up with Neuron LLC for the ENAYA scheme which means 'Care' in Arabic. The scheme will be implemented from the 1st of July, 2009 and will provide health insurance cover to all government employees and their dependents. ...
No Uniform Guidelines 
for Handling 
Food Poisoning Cases
No uniform guidelines are being followed by doctors in the country to handle cases of suspected food poisoning. This fact came to light when Khaleej Times spoke to some doctors, who seemed to hold different opinions on the methods of treatment and notification with regards to suspected food poisoning cases. It was found that some doctors differed in their opinion about the need for administering antibiotics apart from intravenous (IV) fluids and injections or other medicines to stop vomiting and diarrhoea. ...
DHA official blames NMC Hospital for food poisoning deaths
The director of the Dubai Health Authority has said the NMC hospital was negligent in treating two children admitted with food poisoning. ... An investigation committee has been set up. The violations committed by NMC are: it did not treat the cases as emergencies‬; it discharged the cases, leading to the first death‬; and it did not inform any official authority in Dubai about anything until the boy died and even after that they only informed the police‬....


Modern living sparks health and hygiene concerns amongst 80% of residents in Middle East
Respiratory and nutrition problems dominate the health concerns of residents across the Middle East, according to a comprehensive study revealed today by LG Electronics (LG) and research partner, Synovate, at the 2009 MEA Healthcare Conference held in Dubai, UAE. ...
Tawam Hospital focuses on patient safety
Tawam Hospital staff and patients are celebrating this month the first anniversary of the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Patient (CUSP) program, an initiative designed to help ensure patient safety. ...
Abu Dhabi private hospital CEO referred to court
The medical licensing committee at Abu Dhabi Health Authority has suspended the CEO for one of the large private hospitals in Abu Dhabi and referred him to court for charges of causing brain damage (cerebral palsy) to new born while hiring a black listed and unlicensed obstetrics to conduct childbirth operation. ...
Abu Dhabi private hospital CEO referred to court
The medical licensing committee at Abu Dhabi Health Authority has suspended the CEO for one of the large private hospitals in Abu Dhabi and referred him to court for charges of causing brain damage (cerebral palsy) to new born while hiring a black listed and unlicensed obstetrics to conduct childbirth operation. ...
75 % of mental illness cases in UAE are linked to depression and anxiety
... Dr Bahjat Balbous, Specialist Psychiatrist, Al Amal Hospital, Dubai said: “There are only 180 specialist psychiatrists working in the UAE. Only 10 per cent of them are doctors know how to use hypnosis in treating patients for critical cases. Global percentages for schizophrenia are 1%, and the UAE is not far away from this percentage”...


18% of expats swap GPs for internet amid credit crunch
More than 18 percent of expats in the UAE are using the internet to diagnose their health problems because they are unable to afford the cost of a doctor’s appointment, a new survey has revealed. ...
GCC needs thousands of doctors, nurses
The UAE needs tens of thousands of hospital beds, physicians and nurses if it is to meet its healthcare needs beyond 2050, a report showed on Monday, calling on policy makers to engage with the private sector. ...
Food safety is no small matter
The closing of almost 500 restaurants over the past year in Sharjah by health inspectors appears not to have been enough. Three young children are suspected to have become victims of food poisoning in the last two weeks in Sharjah, including a four-year-old girl who died late last month. ...
Healthcare Projects ‘Unaffected’ in Gulf
Healthcare projects remain unaffected in the Gulf countries, despite the global credit crisis as spending on new hospitals and healthcare facilities is estimated at $14 billion in the region. As construction prices in the region fall, the healthcare sector is not only surviving the global economic crisis, but is thriving ...
Hospitals not allowed to turn away emergencies
Dubai: All hospitals and clinics are equipped to deal with emergencies, but clinics which have only out-patient facilities can still move emergency cases to hospitals where the treatment can be followed up, an executive of a group of hospitals said. "No hospital or clinic can refuse to admit an emergency case," said the executive who asked not to be identified. ...
Dubai to build new hospital
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is planning to build a multibillion dirham Al Maktoum Hospital in Jebel Ali. The existing Al Maktoum Hospital in Deira Dubai will continue to function till a final decision about its future is made after the completion of the new Al Maktoum Hospital in Jebel Ali, said DHA officials on condition of anonymity. ... The new hospital will have 300 beds, an outpatient department and other hi-tech facilities. ..


The crushing truth
While there are many plus points to life in the UAE, few would say the standard of driving is one of them. With speeding relatively routine and lane discipline often poor, it is perhaps no surprise that as many as 1,056 people were killed on the country’s roads in 2007 ...
MoH warns against unregistered plastic surgery supplies
The UAE Ministry of Health warned against what it called unregistered low-quality chemicals that are being used in plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. "The Ministry received warnings from international specialized scientific bodies against hazards of some plastic surgery materials that do not meet the safety and quality requirements," ...
Hi-tech advance in processing toxic waste
The largest medical waste treatment plant in the region opened yesterday in what officials said was a major step towards coping with hazardous materials. The plant at Dubai Municipality’s waste-treatment complex in Jebel Ali cost Dh24 million (US$6.5m) to build and is capable of processing up to 19.2 tonnes of waste per day, including syringes and dressings. Although hospitals and medical clinics in Dubai generate only six tonnes of infectious medical waste each day, that figure is expected to increase as more healthcare facilities open. ...
Medical waste plant opens in Duabi
The region's largest medical waste treatment plant was opened in Dubai today, in the latest green initiative undertaken by the emirate. The city generates six tonnes of infectious medical waste per day, including syringes and dressings. That number is expected to increase over the coming years. With a treatment capacity of 19.2 tonnes a day, the Dh24 million plant in Jebel Ali is easily expected to cope with the city's medical waste output. ...
Compulsory breast cancer scans should be UAE-wide, says minister
A minister has called for compulsory breast cancer scans for Emirati women to be extended nationwide. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, the Minister for Foreign Trade, gave her backing to the scheme, announced this week by the Health Authority–Abu Dhabi (HAAD), under which women aged between 40 and 69 will be required to have a mammogram to have their Thiqa health insurance card renewed. ...
Emirati women must have breast scan
Emirati women aged between 40 and 69 will be required to have annual mammograms to renew their Thiqa health insurance, in the latest move to cut breast cancer rates in the emirate. ... according to HAAD. Between 1998 and 2007 the National Cancer Registry, based at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, recorded 2,121 cases of breast cancer, although not all hospitals reported figures. Of the reported cases, 76 were in patients under 30 years old. The most common age for diagnosis was between 45 and 49. ...


Doctors in UAE warn against eating out
Doctors have warned against eating out frequently during the summer, especially at smaller restaurants where there are no deep freezers or where food is displayed in the open, as there is a risk of falling seriously ill. It is not easy for municipalities to keep track of hygiene and cleanliness standards at all these cafes, says one specialist. ...
Sharjah Municipality Closed nearly 500 Restaurants
Sharjah Municipality has forced the closure of nearly 500 restaurants in the last 12 months on health and safety grounds, according to a report in UAE daily The National. Health inspectors from the UAE emirate checked 1588 F&B outlets, of which 474 were closed and 891 issued with warnings; only 223 outlets met minimum health standards. ...
New survey highlights extent of obesity crisis
Figures from the World Health Organisation have revealed the extent of the UAE’s obesity epidemic. Some 39.9 per cent of women in the Emirates are obese, the seventh highest proportion in the world. Among men, 25.6 per cent were classified as obese, the ninth highest figure. ... The report also compared rates of smoking, finding that while fewer UAE adults smoked (14.4 per cent) than the global and regional averages (26 per cent and 18.3 per cent respectively), the number of adolescents (19.5 per cent) was slightly higher than the averages (13.6 per cent and 15.2 per cent).....


DHA to implement health insurance programme from July
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will commence the implementation of the health insurance programme for employees of Dubai government with effect from ...


Daman Calls for First Renewal of Thiqa Membership
ABU DHABI - The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, has started contacting Thiqa members who are due for their first renewal and will grant them a ... ...
Hospital builds total $14bn across Gulf despite crisis
More than 100 hospitals are currently in the planning stages across the Middle East and Africa with an estimated $14bn being spent on healthcare projects in the Gulf alone, it was revealed on Saturday. ...
UAE to set up Mid East's 1st bone marrow transplanatation center
The Ministry of Health plans to establish a facility for bone marrow transplantation in the country, a senior official from the ministry was quoted by a daily as saying. ...
The Medical Device Market: UAE
The UAE’s economy is heavily dependent on the price of oil. Per capita GDP is very high, ranked around 15th in the world, and in 2009 was estimated at US$35,760. Real GDP growth of just 1.3% is expected for 2009, but this projected to rise to 4.5% in 2010. As a percentage of GDP, healthcare expenditure is low, but in per capita terms, spending is among the top 20 highest in the world. Overall health expenditure is estimated at US$5.4 billion in 2009, equal to 2.6% of GDP. Per capita spending is US$926. ...
Daman's Thiqa program undergoes first renewal process
The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, the leading health insurance company in the region, announced that it has started to contact Thiqa members due for the first renewal at no charge to the member during the course of this month. ...
Daman's Thiqa Program Undergoes First Renewal Process
DamanNational Health Insurance Company, Daman National Health Insurance Company - Daman, the leading health insurance company in the region, announced that it has started to contact Thiqa members due for the first renewal at no charge to the member during the course of this month. ...
Shaikh Khalifa Medical City seeks US nursing accreditation
The Shaikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) in Abu Dhabi aims to be the first hospital in the Middle East to receive Magnet accreditation, an internationally recognised award for nursing excellence and leadership. Magnet is awarded by the accrediting body in the US, the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC), to hospitals that meet their stringent criteria. At present only about 330 hospitals in the US have this award and three internationally, two in Australia and one in New Zealand. ...
UAE will be Leader in Health Insurance if Abu Dhabi Model is Followed
The UAE will be the leader in healthcare insurance in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region if it continues in its current pace of growth and applies Abu Dhabi’s scheme in getting all of its residents covered, according to an expert. ..... “I believe all (of) Abu Dhabi is now covered by health insurance. I believe there is now a well-established system in Abu Dhabi for coverage of the
whole community.”...
Compulsory Health Insurance Scheme Deferred to Next Year
In a major setback to the low-income group, the emirate’s compulsory health funding scheme has been pushed back by a year, according to the head of the Dubai Health
Authority (DHA). ...
Teachers and doctors call for obesity screening in schools
It is believed that 12 per cent of the country’s children are overweight and another 22 per cent are susceptible to obesity because of a lack of exercise and poor diet, according to official MoH figures. ...
Integrated at Last: Federal Health Authority
The healthcare sector in the UAE has always been a huge concern for the government, at both the federal and emirate level. In keeping with its tradition of improving social development sector, the Federal National Council has approved a draft law to set up the Federal Health Authority (FHA) as a corporate body, vested with financial autonomy and full legal authority. ...
Daman ready to activate online healthcare claims
Pre-approval of medical procedures and processing of claims will soon be done in just two minutes once hospitals, clinics and health insurance companies begin to implement an online authorisation scheme, a senior official said. "With e-claims and online authorisation, hospitals will save a lot of money, waiting time will be much less and doctors can focus on their patients instead of filling out paperwork; we are currently in a trial period but intend to go live very soon," said ...
‘Free care’ health plan put off until next year
Plans to introduce a funding system that would give everyone in Dubai free access to basic health care have been delayed until next year. The scheme was to have been launched in January this year but the director general of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced that after continuing discussions with stakeholders and in light of the “current environment”, it will not be phased in until 2010. ...
DNRD and Dubai Health Authority data interchange system in final stages
Yesterday officials from the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) met to discuss the final stages of a data interchange system linking electronically both government entities which will see medical test records transferred electronically to DNRD offices. ...
Doctor, hospital guilty of botched surgeries
A doctor and a hospital have been ordered to pay Dh201,000 in compensation to a patient who became permanently disabled following two botched operations. ...
Daman uncovers medical fraud
Thiqa, which covers all health care for Emiratis, is administered by Daman. Dr Aoun said the insurer had become aware of a number of dentists recommending the most expensive treatments, some of which were not necessary, to “inflate the bill”. ... Emiratis now have to pay 50 per cent of the dental costs under the Thiqa programme, which has half a million members, unless they are treated at public facilities.....
Daman takes measures to combat fraud
Daman's Chief Executive Officer, commented: "It is our duty to protect our customers' best interest; fraudulent claims that go undetected will affect the underwriting process and ultimately result in unfairly increased premiums for customers." He continued, "Our Medical Audit Department employs trained and experienced professionals who are constantly working on detecting and preventing abuse to ensure the highest level of services." ...
Doctors on Call in Sharjah, Ajman Soon
Patients in Sharjah and Ajman will soon have doctors providing healthcare support at home 24/7. Following the lead by the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH) and with local support, an international healthcare company will soon open a medical centre offering primary health services, including home visits by qualified
family physicians. ...
Need for regular blood donors
Across the UAE, the Ministry of Health runs 15 blood donation centres. Clearly, the ministry has met its obligations to ensure the infrastructure for blood donation is in place ... During the operation, the patient's haemoglobin levels dropped below normal, requiring a blood transfusion. With only one unit of O negative blood available ...


Childhood obesity weighs heavily on region's healthcare
Child obesity is now at pandemic levels and is no longer an individual problem, a senior Dubai Chamber official has warned, adding that governments in the region face a "concealed economic burden" because of overweight children ... According to recent statistics, around 12.1 per cent of children in the UAE are obese and more than 20 per cent are at risk of becoming overweight or obese ...


Cervical cancer strikes younger women in UAE
Women in the UAE are dying at a younger age from cervical cancer, about ten years younger than the world average of 49, prompting doctors to call for better awareness and prevention. ...
More Abu Dhabi SEHA Hospitals Implement Cerner Millennium Health Information Technology
Cerner announced today the successful implementation of multiple Cerner Millennium® healthcare information technology (HIT) solutions at Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE. ...
Many Medications Lacking Basic Information
The Abu Dhabi Poison and Drug Information Centre (PDIC) has completed a study on over-the-counter cough and cold medications and found that many of the products lacked basic information and necessary warnings. 'The labels are sometimes in different languages and do not include all the relevant information. This is something we need to change,' said Dr Yasser Sharif, the head of the medication and medical product safety section at Health Authority-Abu Dhabi.


Plans fo dream hospitals unveiled
The plans to replace Al Mafraq Hospital and Al Ain Hospital were revealed yesterday by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Seha. Both are more than 25 years old. The hospitals, which currently have 843 beds between them, will be replaced by facilities that “redefine the level of medical services in Abu Dhabi” and will include the first dedicated stroke unit in the country ...
UAE pharmacists ignore rules in Tamiflu "panic"
Reuters - Pharmacists in the United Arab Emirates have ignored regulations on the sale of Tamiflu to satisfy "panic" demand for the drug following a flu outbreak. "We ran out of stock about a week ago. When the news came out about the cases in Mexico we had people flooding into the pharmacy asking for Tamiflu," one pharmacist said. ...
Ministry Plans a Doctor for Each Family
The UAE Ministry of Health has embarked on an ambitious project to provide ‘each family with one doctor’ at the primary healthcare level. Health officials say that the decision is aimed at reviving the concept of a family doctor in the UAE based on the World Health Organisation’s 2008 report “PHCs Now More Than Ever” that calls for developing health services at the primary level. ...
Too fat, too thin, two sides of the same coin
Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa were rare before the 1960s: the stuff of obscure medical textbooks, and relatively alien to day-to-day clinical practice. ...
Healthcare professionals to get training on e-healthcare system
Around 500 medical professionals at the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman receive educational and training programmes on delivery of e-healthcare system for Wareed, the Federal initiative designed to revolutionize public healthcare sector delivery in the UAE. ...
Healthcare professionals to get training on e-healthcare system
Around 500 medical professionals at the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman receive educational and training programmes on delivery of e-healthcare system for Wareed, the Federal initiative designed to revolutionize public healthcare sector delivery in the UAE. ...
Obesity epidemic looms on horizon
The statistics are clear. In our society there is a proliferation of a mindset and a psychology in many of our adults, but alarmingly, also among our youth, a mindset that is consumption-driven, and with a total disregard for the implications of such consumption. Children are eating so much food, often junk food, that they are becoming obese at a young age. Research shows that obese children often develop into obese adults. Obese adults develop chronic diseases, with consequences for themselves and society. ...
National anorexia levels ‘astonishing’
Doctors are worried about the level of anorexia nervosa among teenage girls after 1.8 per cent of youngsters surveyed in the country’s first study into the illness showed signs of being sufferers. The survey of 900 girls conducted at Al Ain University found that a relatively high number of 13- to 19-year-olds were anorexic. ...
The California Chiropractic Center, Dubai Healthcare City
The California Chiropractic Center was established in Dubai Healthcare City in January 2008 by US qualified Dr Charles Jones – a chiropractor for over 20 years. ...
UAE bans pork imports
The Government has banned all imports of pork meat and derivatives, with immediate effect, as a precautionary measure against swine flu. The ban, announced yesterday in a circular released by the General Secretariat of Municipalities, was imposed despite assurances from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that it is not possible to contract the flu virus from pork meat. ...
Khaleej Times Online >> News >> NATION Import of Pork Banned in the UAE
The General Secretariate of Municipalities (GSM) has banned the sale and import of pork in the country....Following the ban, the Dubai Municipality stopped imports, but pork is yet to go off supermarket shelves. “The circular is only for ban on imports, not for withdrawing the products that is already in the market,” ...
Diabetes, a killer disease in the Gulf
Gulf Arab states launch nutritional awareness programmes about health risks tied to obesity, diabetes.... Official figures published this week said that 70 percent of adults and 12 percent of children in the UAE are overweight, while a fifth of the overweight children are at risk of developing obesity.... The UAE is the hardest hit in the region, with latest official figures showing that 19.6 percent of the population of 6.4 million had diabetes in 2005 -- the second highest rate in the world...


First private pediatric oncology clinic in Duabi
The first dedicated specialist pediatric Oncology/ Hematology centre in Dubai's private healthcare sector has become fully operational and will establish a tumor registry to collect data and help build knowledge in the Gulf and Middle East, tracking cancer patients and the outcome of their treatment. ...
Improving Quality and Safety of Healthcare in the Middle East through Professional Training and Accreditation
The Abu Dhabi-GCC Health and Development Investment Forum 2009 today announced a masterclass on the human resource challenges confronting the Middle East in ensuring healthcare services quality in the face of increasing demand and constrained resources. ...
We need the facts to win the ‘war on error’ in hospitals
Health care professionals from across the UAE gathered in Al Ain last week for the second Medication Safety Conference, at which they discussed a global public health problem that has come to be known, rather euphemistically, as “patient safety”. ...
Side-effects of drugs to be monitored in new database
Drug side-effects are to be recorded daily in a new national database operated by the Ministry of Health. The information will be used to warn the public and in research on how different drugs interact. ... The MoH says the “pharmacovigilance” programme will begin this week, implemented by representatives from the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Dubai Health Authority and private facilities. ...
Offer Variety of Menus at Cheap Rates to Children
Offering a variety of choices, changing menus periodically and providing them at subsidised rates are the main ways to attract children to healthy foods and drinks in school canteens, a local expert has said. The early working hours of schools and time constraints of parents are cited as the reasons for UAE students depending too much on canteen food. “It is important to regulate the food items in canteens as there are many children who eat from canteens up to three or four times a day,” ...
School Canteens under Scanner
The UAE has a fat problem, everyone — from health experts to the common man – reckons. That residents are growing sideways. The result is the huge spending on health that could weigh the nation down. People from all walks of life suffer, and diabetes and hypertension even in children are not uncommon nowadays. The government has woken up to the reality that it has to address the problem from the bottom. That’s why it is making it compulsory for the schools in the country to improve the standards of their canteens and ensure the sale of healthy and nutritional foods and drinks to students. ...
Weight Preblem in the UAE requires better coordination
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UAE ranks 10th among countries with overweight people, excluding South Pacific island nations. At least 70 per cent of women and 56 per cent of men in the UAE are either overweight or obese. In the Middle East, over 45 per cent of women in the age group of 15-49 are either overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is classified as a serious medical condition that can lead to serious health, psychological and social problems. A 2005 survey found that 12 per cent of the children in the UAE are obese and over 20 per cent at risk of becoming overweight or obese. With alarming increase in childhood obesity, many children in the UAE are already suffering from conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. ...
Nurses' Shortage likely to Hit Healthcare Sector
Based on the latest research, Dubai has an average of 29.1 nurses per 10,000 people. In comparison, countries such as Norway and Finland have 100 nurses per 10,000 people. "The region's healthcare sector is growing rapidly but this growth could be affected by the lack of trained nurses from national populations," said Kevin O'Malley, president of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland -- Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain). ...


DOMHS, Municipality Waive Health Cards, Insurance Condition for Visa Medical Test
The Department of Health and Medical Services (Dohms) in Dubai has backtracked on its decision to make its health card or a medical insurance a prerequisite to issue medical fitness reports for residency visas in Dubai. With the Dubai Municipality (DM) following suit, health card or insurance is now compulsory only with the Ministry of Health (MoH). ...
MoH approves plan for national medicine alert
An initial action plan to set up a national medicine alert and control has been approved by the national committee for medical alert system, said Executive Director of the Ministry's Medical Practices and Licenses. .... The said body will create a dedicated database and provide technical assistance and information on medicine alert, safety, side-effects. ...
Nurses' Shortage likely to Hit Healthcare Sector
Based on the latest research, Dubai has an average of 29.1 nurses per 10,000 people. In comparison, countries such as Norway and Finland have 100 nurses per 10,000 people. "The region's healthcare sector is growing rapidly but this growth could be affected by the lack of trained nurses from national populations," said Kevin O'Malley, president of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland -- Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI Bahrain). ...
Rise of killer diseases threatens resources
The alarming increase of cancer, heart diseases, strokes and diabetes cases in the Gulf Arab countries is expected to put tremendous strain on their governments' resources in the next two decades, unless significant efforts are exerted to reverse the trend, a senior UN expert warned. ...


Over 700 Diagnosed With Cancer Every Year in Abu Dhabi
About 700 patients in Abu Dhabi are diagnosed with cancer every year, according to CEO of HAAD. ... Al Siksek said, “The rate of cancer in Abu Dhabi is around 5.7 per 10,000 people.” ...

Rise of killer diseases threatens resources
The alarming increase of cancer, heart diseases, strokes and diabetes cases in the Gulf Arab countries is expected to put tremendous strain on their governments' resources in the next two decades, unless significant efforts are exerted to reverse the trend, a senior UN expert warned. ...
MoH to Set up National Centre for Drug Control
For the first time in the country, the Ministry of Health will soon establish a National Pharmacovigilance and Poisons Information Centre. ...
Call for Consolidated Policy on Child Abuse
However, the study itself revealed that injuries (intentional and unintentional), mainly related to traffic accidents, drowning and burns, caused 746 deaths among children aged 0-14 years in the UAE during 2000-2006, coming to an annual average of 107. Main external causes for the deaths were traffic (68%), drowning (10%) and falls (10%). ...
Survey: TV and fast food behind obesity
More than 40 per cent of children in the UAE spend at least three hours watching TV or at a computer. Around 26 per cent of residents eat at a fast-food restaurant at least once a week. The result: 12.1 per cent of the country’s children are overweight, with 20 per cent more being susceptible to obesity. ...
Increase spending to beat heart disease: expert
In the UAE, 38 per cent of deaths in women aged 45-64 are caused by cardiovascular disease. It can lead to heart attack, stroke and even dementia. ...... According to the Ministry of Health, cardiovascular disease is responsible for 26 per cent of deaths in hospitals. Risk factors include smoking, diabetes, obesity and a lack of exercise – all common health concerns in the Emirates. ...
New Health Insurance System to Link all Hospitals
The Ministry of Health is planning a new health insurance system that will electronically link government and private hospitals across the country, Health Minister Humaid Obaid Al Quttami said. "The new system will deliver timely health services to all in the UAE,'' the minister told a Federal National Council session on Tuesday. ...
Inspections are a healthy first step
Unqualified staff acting as radiolographers, pharmacists and anaesthetists. Expired medications. A hotel operating as a medical clinic. These violations recently were exposed during inspections by Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), providing a laundry list of hazards for patients. ...
Kids risk obesity, plan in the pipeline
The words 'Too much' and 'poorly' are the words to describe eating habits in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has reached a point where the government has been forced to develop an awareness campaign to change the lifestyle in the country, which may be enviable, but is certainly not healthy. ...
Drugs cases dominate Dubai courts
Drug crimes are the most common type of case to come before the Dubai criminal courts, authorities have disclosed, as police outline tough new measures to keep narcotics out of jails. ...
Abu Dhabi cracks down on healthcare violations
The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) issued warnings to 21 private healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi for violating rules. HAAD also seized and destroyed expired medicines and contact lenses, and suspended healthcare workers in those facilities. ...
Gulf medical sector faces shortage of nursing skills
The GCC region’s healthcare sector growth prospects could be impacted by a shortage of nursing skills, according to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, one of the world’s leading international medical schools. “The region’s healthcare sector is growing rapidly but this growth could be affected by the lack of trained nurses from national populations,” said ...
Jobs boost for health sector
Mr al Qattami promised that more jobs would be created in the coming year for doctors and nurses in hospitals and health centres across the country, adding that the ministry had more than 1,766 job openings in 2008 most of which have been already filled. He said that among the jobs filled last year were 736 positions in hospitals, 305 jobs in health centres, 87 in preventive medicine centres, 42 in primary health programmes. ...
One-Stop Healthcare?
In Dubai, U.A.E., Harvard Medical School backed the Dubai Medical Village. This “wellness community” is a cluster of outpatient-clinic villas specializing in conventional and alternative medicine. Slated to clock in at a staggering 19 million square feet when completed, the village will be home to a hotel, spa, ambulatory clinics and a network of physicians. ...
Junk Food Plays Havoc With Children’s Health
Sedentary lifestyle and an over dependence on junk food are cited as the major causes of rising levels of childhood obesity in the UAE. Public health specialist with the Health Education and Promotions Department at the Ministry of Health, Hala A. Haidar, said many parents and their children were knowingly falling into the traps of fast food culture. ...
Unicef joins ministry in fight against flab
The Ministry of Health launched a three-month campaign yesterday to reduce childhood obesity. The ministry and the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) have teamed up to run “The Fat Truth” campaign, which will include activities in schools and educational leaflets in malls and health clinics until July 20. ...
Health officials shut down several facilities
Health officials have closed several health facilities and warned others after finding violations that included doctors sleeping in clinics and unqualified staff posing as nurses and anaesthetists. Two doctors also had their medical licences suspended after the inspections by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), both for illegally charging patients to issue sick notes. ...
21 private healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi warned for violating rules
The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) issued warnings to 21 private healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi for violating rules. HAAD also seized and destroyed expired medicines and contact lenses, and suspended healthcare workers in those facilities. Zaid Al Siksek, CEO of the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi, said the aim of these decisions is to enforce compliance with the health system regulations in the emirate, and to assist healthcare facilities to take corrective action in order to improve healthcare services. ...
Deal Signed to Promote Women’s Health
According to the MoU, the MoH and the GWU will share the responsibility in implementing a series of strategic programmes that deal with women’s health, particularly in the early diagnosis of cancer, and in spreading public awareness about the health of mothers and children. ...
MoH launches drive to combat child obesity
He added that statistics in the UAE show that around 12 per cent of children are overweight, while 22 per cent thereof are susceptible to obesity. The UAE now ranks tenth in the world amongst countries with the most overweight people as statistics show that 70 per cent of Emiratis suffer from overweight. The Minister attributed this problem to the lack of exercise, and increasing consumption of fatty and sugary food items. He also warned from the dangers on children health as child obesity complications can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer in addition to the psychological problems which obese children suffer from. ...
A healthy balance between insurers, doctors and patients
The health insurance industry in the UAE is a minefield, and that state of affairs is not limited to this country. If you’re an individual looking for medical coverage, the prospect of finding the right insurance policy can be daunting. If you’re a doctor, there is enormous pressure to meet the needs of the patient in ways no longer limited to treatment: today it also includes addressing the financial cost in real terms for that patient. If you’re an insurer, providing policies that offer a level of health care that meets expectations and is cost effective is a thankless task....
Survey conducted on lifestyle diseases
Medical lab tests show that 14 per cent of the sample are inflicted by diabetes and 18 per cent have high blood sugar levels without knowledge that they are more vulnerable to be inflicted by diabetes. On the cholesterol level, the tests show that 27 per cent have high cholesterol readings, 15 per cent out of whom know that their cholesterol levels are high, while 12 per cent do not know at all. Meanwhile, weight index showed that 43 per cent are overweight, while 25 per cent have obesity. ...
UAE doctors told early cancer detection saves lives
Expert medical speakers addressing an audience of about 100 UAE doctors have said that early detection and referral to specialists leads to more positive clinical outcomes in cancer patients. ...
Carcinogens found in some abayas
Some abayas and shailahs on the market have been found to contain high-levels of cancer-causing properties, Gulf News has learnt. These items of clothing constitute traditional female dress. An ongoing study at the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) on abayas, the traditional black robe, and shailahs, the scarf that covers the head, as well as other apparel, found heavy metals and carcinogens in the dyes and chemicals used to help prints adhere to the material. ...
Ministry on offensive over health advertising
The Ministry of Health has launched a new campaign against false advertisements and those promoting questionable treatments. Doctors from the ministry’s medical advertising department are calling on people to report such advertising for medical services and have started a series of lectures to make the public aware of the problem. ...

A Simple Way to Manage Obesity [302]
Rising incidence of obesity and diabetes in the UAE can be managed better if food items come with a measure of their impact on blood sugar levels, a leading research nutritionist said here on Thursday. Food labels here seldom furnish the Glycemic Index — the standard measure of such impact — preventing the consumer from making informed choices. According to Dr Sudha Vasudevan, diabetics and those in high-risk groups will be better served if they know this index. ...
No shisha at Dubai public parks, warns authority [302]
Dubai Municipality has handed out 2,400 written warnings to people smoking shisha at public parks last month. The Public Parks and Horticul-ture Department this week in-stalled signs at park entrances warning people that shisha smoking is no longer allowed. ...
Corniche Hospital raises cost of having a baby by Dh 8,500
The capital’s major maternity hospital, where expectant mothers from across the UAE have flocked for years, has made its delivery fees several times higher, forcing some families to pay thousands to settle their bills. Although there is no formal price list, a cashier at the hospital said a normal birth now costs about Dh10,000 (US$2,700) and a caesarean section about Dh14,000. ...
Doctors join attempt to improve patient safety and cut medical errors
Doctors from across the country will meet tomorrow to discuss ways to improve patient safety in hospitals and reduce the number of medical errors. Topics being discussed at the Medication Safety Conference will include avoiding mistakes in prescribing drugs and system-related hazards and risks, the state news agency, WAM, reported. ...
NMC acquires first hospital outside UAE in Alexandria
The $4 billion (Dh14.6bn) NMC Group has acquired its first hospital outside the UAE in Alexandria, Egypt, for Dh120million, Chairman BR Shetty told Emirates Business. The group has identified Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and India for its expansion outside the UAE, and is in the final stages of negotiations in these countries. ...
UAE Medical Insurance Poised to Grow 45% [200]
Despite the gloomy economic environment, the UAE medical insurance market is set to grow at a CAGR of over 45% between 2009 and 2012. RNCOS, in its new research report “UAE Insurance Market Forecast to 2012”, says that medical insurance in the UAE is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 45% (local currency) between 2009 and 2012. ...
Daman Launches the Region's First Online Health Insurance Portal [320]
The portal now offers Daman's members an additional service of conducting health insurance needs online with 24/7 access adding to their customer satisfaction and convenience. Through www.damanhealth.ae, Daman's members are able to track their reimbursement claims online, renew and make easy online additions, cancellations and corrections to their policies. Moreover, the portal will offer online searching for medical providers within Daman's large network of healthcare providers and locating the nearest Daman branch. ...
New Ambulatory Healthcare Centre Opens in Capital
Shaikh Hamed bin Zayed, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, inaugurated an Ambulatory Healthcare Centre in Bain Al Jesrain area of the capital 
on Monday. This is the third such clinic to be set up by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), adding to the SEHA-AHS (Ambulatory Healthcare Services) network in its effort to upgrade outpatient care and improve the quality of healthcare in the emirate. ...
UAE Nationals to be given priority for admissions at Gulf Medical University [310]
University welcomes sponsorship of UAE Nationals through various agencies and will give priority to UAE Nationals seeking admission. As a special initiative by the University to attract more and more UAE nationals to take-up career in the field of Healthcare as there is a huge gap for the demand and supply of qualified professionals with local background. ...
Depressed children at risk, say doctors
Children as young as nine are being diagnosed as depressed and are being prescribed anti-depressants, doctors say. They have issued a warning that factors like the economic downturn can affect children, and any signs of depression, such as a child talking about suicide, should be taken seriously. ...
Princess opens new women’s clinic
A major gynecology center was opened yesterday as doctors said women were finally catching on to the need for cervical cancer screening and vaccination. ...
Fertility centre moves to Healthcare City
The seven-bed day care surgery centre has a clinic and procedural section, and provides clinical consultations, hormonal treatment and undertakes ovulation induction, in-vitro fertilisation, micro-injections and other procedures, Dr Samer Radi, head of embryology at the centre, said. ...
Health Ministry increases diabetes fight  [302]
By the end of this year, the Ministry of Health will complete the first UAE database of Emirati diabetics to provide all the relevant information about the disease, its treatment and prevention in the country, a top official said on Sunday. ... The UAE is pegged as having the world's second highest prevalence of diabetes, affecting 19.6 per cent of the population, and the number continues to grow. ....
35 Ambulances and Three ‘Bus Hospitals’ Set to Join a Dubai Fleet
The Centre of Ambulance Services (CoAS) in Dubai will add 35 ambulances and three “bus hospitals” to its fleet of 109 this year. Over 65,000 patients were attended to in 2008. “We covered 719 emergency incidents in which 1071 deaths took place in 2008. But we helped 65,535 patients from inside and outside the city. This included 37,463 trauma cases of which 12,273 were severe ones,” said Dr Omar Al Sakaf. ...
Cashing in on demand for lifestyle drugs
In previous generations the bald, the overweight, the impotent or even simply the cosmetically challenged, generally put up and shut up. Now there are a plethora of answers to many of life's age-old problems in the form of 'lifestyle drugs'. While most of the lifestyle drugs we see on pharmacy shelves in the UAE are produced by big multinational pharmaceutical companies, local producers are working hard to claim their share of the market. ...
Air pollution a major public health issue [302]
The most important environmental pollution problem in the UAE, from a public health perspective, appears to be outdoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollution appears to account for more than 80 per cent of the total health risk created by environmental problems... The next biggest issue seems to be exposure to hazardous substances in occupational settings... ...
Bronchitis on the rise
Changeable weather conditions in the past few months have resulted in diverse medical conditions such as bronchitis, upper respiratory infections (URI), rheumatism, allergies and asthma. Most of these conditions have risen to over 40 per cent among patients aged 13 to 35 in the past four months, especially acute bronchitis which may result in a more serious health problem such as asthma or chronic bronchitis which weather experts believe can be caused from pollen. ...
Programme to vaccinate schoolgirls extended [302]
Building on the success of a pilot programme last year, the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi is offering vaccinations for cervical cancer to girls at all schools in the emirate. ...
UAE Must Show Way for Senior Citizens’ Medicare
With the rising number of senior citizens and extensive access to electronic tools, the UAE should not lag behind in providing e-health services for the elderly, an expert said. Electronic tools like mobile phones and internet should be used for solving healthcare needs of the ageing population, ...
Law Governing Pharmacy Procedures to be Updated
A new law on pharmacy to deal with spurious drugs, dispensing of medicine without authority, or misuse of prescription process is in the process of final review, according to a Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) official. ...
Special Court for Medico-legal Cases in Offing [200]
The UAE may soon have an exclusive court for trying cases of medical errors which are currently handled by civil courts. A special committee set up by the Ministry of Justice has proposed a special court and special judge to handle medico-legal disputes ...
Planned overhaul of Abu Dhabi pharmacy laws set to improve hospital services [200]
A leading member of the Health Authority in HAAD has revealed plans are underway to improve pharmacy laws in the country. ... said that protocols are being considered that will standardise operations in pharmacies found in both the public and private sector hospitals serving the UAE. ...
Saving lives: Mobile hospital [320] [230]
Paramedics have said a ‘hospital-on-wheels’ and a wireless network of digital patient reports will help them save more lives in emergency situations. ...
Planned overhaul of Abu Dhabi pharmacy laws set to improve hospital services [200]
A leading member of the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has revealed plans are underway to improve pharmacy laws in the country. ...
Abu Dhabi Health Services Company denies stopping free cancer treatment [200]
Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) denied recent media reports that it would discontinue free cancer treatment for both Emiratis and expatriates. All health facilities under SEHA’s jurisdiction provide free treatment for all UAE National oncology patients while the Thiqa plan covers all UAE Nationals, a statement released on Thursday said. ...
MoH Shuts Down Unlicenced Syringe Manufacturing Plant [200]
The Ministry of Health (MoH) has shut down a private plant that illegally manufactured syringes and other plastic medical devices for export. Announcing the closure of the plant, CEO for Medical Practice and License at the Ministry of Health Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri told Khaleej Times that the unit had started operating over six months ago. ...
The struggle of an abused child must also be the nation’s
The World Health Organisation estimates that 42 per cent of males and 29 per cent of females in the Eastern Mediterranean region between the ages of 13 and 15 had been psychologically or physically abused. Similar estimates for the UAE are difficult to find. However a couple of years ago, a director from the Family and Childcare Department at the UAE Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs told a local paper that she believed child abuse is, in fact, more prevalent than spousal abuse. ...
Speeding drivers ‘creating road crisis’ [302]
Speeding by many young Emirati drivers is contributing to a “crisis” on the country’s roads, according to a UN world youth ambassador for road safety. Basil Shaaban, a professional racing driver, said excessive speed was the main factor behind the UAE’s high road death toll, and he also called for all drivers to wear seat belts. Speaking to a group of Emirati students, the Lebanese driver cited statistics from Abu Dhabi Health Authority, the Ministry of Interior and the UN. He said that in 2008, 424 people were killed on the capital’s roads and 1,071 in the country overall. ...
House most poisonous place for adults, kids [302]
Children and adults are equally at risk of poisoning from household products, figures from the UAE Poison and Drug Information Centre since the start of the year show...... 44 per cent of the cases were due to household products, including Clorox, paint thinners, rat poison and pesticide. Other causes included drug overdose at 22 percent, and animal and insect bites at 11 per cent. ...
Private Hospitals to Share Emergency Patient Load [200]
Ministry of Health working on establishing a unified disaster management plan. Private hospitals will soon have a greater role in the emergency response mechanism being planned by the Ministry of Health (MoH). Currently, the patient load from major emergencies falls on public hospitals. So far, only Dubai has come up with a crisis management plan involving the participation of private hospitals to share the patient load during disasters. ...
Hospitals face censure for improper waste disposal
Inspection teams across the Emirates are checking that healthcare facilities are following regulations, which include separating the waste into strict categories such as sharp objects, dressings and general administrative waste, and are strictly enforcing the rules to avert threats to public health. Residents of Sharjah recently complained that medical waste such as needles and bloodstained dressings was being dumped in public rubbish bins. Officials from the ministry, which has jurisdiction over the northern Emirates, said it was working closely with the municipality to end the practice. ...
Number of Depression Cases in UAE Alarming [302]
While urbanisation has brought economic growth to Dubai, it has also brought health concerns such as diabetes, allergies and depression that are common in developed cities. These health problems can affect children as well as adults, according to physicians at Dubai
Healthcare City. Dr Michael Grundmann, a neurologist who recently moved from Germany, said the number of depression cases he has seen surprised him, and is particularly worrisome given the difficulty children can have explaining themselves. ...
Lifeline Hospital in Abu Dhabi gets dual accreditation [200]
Lifeline Hospital in Abu Dhabi gets dual accreditation from US group JCI, and from Australian accreditor ACHS International. ...
The bitter truth [302]
Sugar is shaking its bad boy image thanks to a new wave of clever marketing. That’s the implication of a recent Canadian study in the journal Obesity Reviews that found that 89 per cent of food items marketed to children had poor nutritional quality. Alarmingly, sugar is making a comeback as a health food. More worrying, it seems that young people are the leading target of campaigns touting the source of empty calories as a natural alternative. ...
UAE Health Ministry suspends company operations for violating rules
The Ministry of Health has acted against a company that was manufacturing and exporting medical plastics without meeting the required technical and quality standards. The ministry's Pharmaceutical Licensing Committee has ordered the company to cease operations. ...
Drugs firms want fresh stimulus for industry [200]
Pharmaceutical companies are calling on the Government to give a new stimulus to the local industry and reduce the country’s dependence on imported drugs. They say a government body could co-ordinate supplies and help win contracts to make branded drugs under licence in the UAE. It could also establish the country as a regional supplier of drugs to other Gulf nations. ...
State-of-the-Art National Diabetes Centre to Open in Ajman [200]
A national centre for tertiary care of complicated diabetic cases will be operational by August, Minister of Health Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Qutami told Khaleej Times on Sunday. The building for the state-of-the-art diabetes centre near Shaikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman has already been constructed, and the Ministry of Health (MoH) is in the process of arranging equipment and manpower, the minister said. ...
MoH denies media reports about cancer cases in UAE
The Ministry of Health has dismissed statistics published by media on the numbers of cancer patients in the UAE, saying they were highly exaggerated. In a statement released today, the Ministry quoted the cancer registry centre at Tawam Hospital as saying that the number of cancer patients in the UAE during 2007 reached 1,212, of whom, 389 were nationals. In 2006, the total number of patients was 1,121 patients, 335 of them were nationals. ...
Praise for declining fertility rate [302]
The fertility rate in the UAE is among the fastest declining in the world, with the average number of children born per woman dropping from 5.7 to less than two over the past three decades. According to figures released by the United Nations, the Emirates has the sixth fastest-changing fertility rate, comparable with neighbouring oil-rich emirates such as Qatar and Kuwait. While the findings have led to praise for the UAE’s social advances, there are concerns over its changing demographics. ...
Pharmacies face delay in insurance payments  [200]
Pharmacies in the UAE say they are feeling the pinch because of delays in receiving payments from health insurance companies. And some outlets face having deliveries of medicines from their regular suppliers halted because they cannot pay their bills as a result of the hold-ups. ...
More maternity beds needed in capital, health developer says [200]
ABU DHABI // The emirate needs at least 220 more maternity beds to meet demand, and is seriously short of gynaecologists and obstetricians, according to the healthcare developers building a maternity and children’s hospital in the capital ... When mandatory health insurance was introduced in 2006, the number of insured residents rose to 1.3 million from 150,000. “There was a great increase in patients and therefore demand on services,” Mr al Shorafa said. ...
Call for mandatory screening for deafness in infants [302]
'Presently, babies are routinely tested for a lot of things that are much less common than hearing loss. We can know the status of the hearing immediately after birth in a very reliable way,' he added. ...
Perspective: Healthcare in the Gulf: the next big opportunity [200]
Healthcare facilities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are inadequate currently to meet the growing pressure from population growth, an aging population and increasing health hazards. It is time for government and the people to open their eyes to international insurance players who could manage and finance healthcare facilities. ...
Plans to Start Cervical Cancer Screening Programme  [302]
Ministry of Health - UAE is considering a National Cervical Cancer Screening programme, prompted by statistics that nine women out of 100,000 in the UAE are affected. The statistics from the UAE's Cancer Registry Programme, are higher than Middle East cervical cancer incidence rates at five out of 100,000 women. ...
State-of-the-Art Hospital in Capital Soon [200]
A spa and wellness centre, where pregnant women can have manicure and pedicure while waiting for delivery, boutique shops, high quality restaurants, spacious rooms and state-of-the-art medical facilities will be some of the characteristics of the Danat Al Emarat Hospital coming up soon in the capital. This women and children hospital, a project of United Eastern Medical Services (UEM), Abu Dhabi’s privately owned Healthcare Development and Investment Company, and set to be completed by 2011 also promises to have spacious, comfortable and friendly designed rooms, said Mohammed Ali Shorafa, Managing Director and CEO of UEM. ...
Free Work-out Machines to Help Fight Obesity [302]
Overweight residents who cannot afford to go to fitness centres will soon have free access to high-end workout machines in selected parks and beaches in the UAE. The Ministry of Health (MoH) will distribute these machines as part of its strategic plan to reduce obesity, a major cause of high prevalence of
diabetes in the UAE, by increasing physical activities. A quarter of the population is obese and over 40 per cent are overweight, according to MoH. ...
Diabetes Screen Call for Over 30s [302]
Everyone over the age of 30 should be tested for diabetes, health officials said yesterday as they announced a Gulf-wide initiative to tackle one of the region’s most common diseases. ... Studies have confirmed that the incidence of diabetes across the UAE is rising. In 2005 it was found to affect 19.6 per cent of the population – or almost one person in five – a figure that is expected to pass 28 per cent by 2025 in the absence of effective measures....
Allergies a Major Threat to Regional Economy
Allergies can cost the MENA region over US$ 2.5 billion each year in direct medical costs, time off work and sluggish productivity, according to a new report unveiled at an allergy conference in Dubai. Based on an economic costs study released today at the Middle East-Asia Allergy Asthma Immunology Congress (MEAAAIC), Professor Ruby Pawankar, Treasurer of the World Allergy Organisation and Chair of the Dubai event says allergies affect, on average, one-in-eight people across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. ...
Support widens for upcoming Abu Dhabi-GCC Health and Development Investment Forum
Taking on the leadership in health-related issues and serving as a lighthouse regarding development investment in health-related fields, the Abu Dhabi-GCC Health and Development Investment Forum 2009, is receiving an ever growing support from entities that will participate in such an elaborate and informative event. ...
Al Wathba Clinic in Abu Dhabi closes
... All medical records from the Al Wathba Clinic will be transferred to the Baniyas Clinic. The community can also access any of the SEHA-AHS clinics in the region. ...
Health-for-All in the UAE [302]
Keeping pace with breakneck development in other sectors of public life, the UAE is on the path of providing world-class medical facilities, as well. The country already has a comprehensive, government-funded health service and a developing private health sector. ...
Prescription Errors Caused 1,600 Deaths’ [200]
As many as 1,600 deaths per year may have occurred in UAE clinics due to prescription errors, a study has shown. The study, which also pointed to 22,000 serious adverse drug events as a result of prescription errors in primary healthcare centres, points to an urgent need for an e-prescription system, which is in the process of being implemented public hospitals and clinics in the UAE. ...
Dubai extends deadline for medical relicensing [310]
The deadline for doctors in Dubai to reapply for their licences has been extended by a week because thousands have yet to submit the necessary forms. Every doctor working in the emirate is required to register for relicensing as health authorities seek to standardise licensing procedures. Previously there were about 10 different licensing bodies in Dubai, including the police and Dubai Healthcare City....
Swiss managed Arabian hospital achieves international accreditation
RAK Hospital, a multispecialty hospital in Ras Al KhaimaH in the UAE, has been rewarded with international accreditation by JCI. RAK Hospital offers a range of premium rooms. It has a capacity of 65 beds, a number that will eventually go up to 100. ...
EAD and HAAD sign collaboration document
By coordinating their efforts, HAAD and EAD will work together to improve overall data quality and quantity; to enable research into the primary causes of injuries, poisoning, and acute and chronic diseases, especially those related to the environment and lifestyle factors; to increase programme efficiency; and to further the goals of their organizations. ...
Climate Change Triggering Allergies, Says Expert [302]
According to figures from the MEAAAIC 2003, at least 14.9 per cent children in the UAE suffer from allergic rhinitis, 13 per cent from asthma and 11 per cent from skin allergies. The links between climate change, allergies and asthma are multilayered. Higher carbon dioxide levels - the result of human activity - are believed to warm the atmosphere, which in turn affects the geographic location and growing season of allergy-producing plants. ...
New Rules to Streamline Sale of Complementary Medicines [200]
The Ministry of Health (MoH) is implementing new regulations and monitoring systems that will put complementary medicines and health supplements under strict scrutiny, a senior official said. “A new Federal Committee for Complementary Medicines has been set up and we are updating the 
regulations under which herbal and alternative medicines and
general sale products (GSP) like dietary
supplements will be combined
under the umbrella of complementary
medicines,” ...
New campaign to encourage walking [302]
UAE-based National Health Insurance Company - Daman is launching the '1.5 Million Steps' competition to help raise awareness of the importance of walking and the dangers of child obesity and its connection to various diseases. ...
Daman Opens Corporate Sales Centre
National health insurance company Daman has inaugurated a Corporate Sales Centre in the capital city, to service its fast growing list of corporate clients. More than 279,000 people have become members of Daman’s insurance scheme through its “enhanced plans” and another 590,000 through the its “basic Abu Dhabi plan,” both through the corporate client scheme. ...
Experts want better diabetic care
An estimated eight out of 10 people with diabetes in the UAE receive treatment below international standards, according to a recent study. ... Authors of the report, also claim a fragmented approach by authorities and those involved in diabetes care needs to be addressed. ...
Road Accidents Traumatise Children Most in UAE
Road accidents top the causes of trauma in at least 70 per cent of children in the UAE. ... Another finding was 9 per cent of all respondents’ children had suffered from accidents or injuries occurring at home, school or on the roads in
the UAE. ...
New $5.5m eye hospital opens in Dubai
A new $5.5m eye hospital has been opened at Dubai Healthcare City. Magrabi Eye Hospital features cutting-edge technological capabilities and the latest in advanced eye care and treatment equipment ...
Doctors fight generic prescriptions
ABU DHABI // Some doctors are angry with new government prescription rules that allow pharmacists to choose the drugs that patients receive according to their generic formulas. The doctors argue that generic drugs do not always have the same formulas as brand-name drugs, and that pharmaceutical standards vary from country to country. ...
Dental caries hit 80% of UAE residents [302]
Preventable tooth decay, otherwise known as dental caries, is the most prevalent chronic condition among children and adults, affecting more than 80 per cent of the UAE population, Gulf News has learnt. ...
Doctors violate prescription law
ABU DHABI // Doctors have been illegally prescribing themselves controlled drugs, an official investigation has found. The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) conducted spot checks on pharmacies, and found a number of violations after inspecting prescription pads in pharmacies. ...
Healthcare Providers get UAE Licenses in Home Country [310]
Abu Dhabi: Registered nurses, physicians, dentists and pharmacists who are interested in applying for a job in Abu Dhabi can now register, schedule and sit licence examinations in their own home countries, the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) announced on Sunday. The HAAD has signed a five-year contract with Pearson VUE - who delivers exams through a comprehensive and secure network of test centres across 165 different countries - to launch online licence examinations to help attract high-caliber health professionals in 15 different specialties. ...
UAE: 'Medical Errors by Doctors Will Not be Tolerated'
There will be no tolerance towards doctors found committing mistakes, Health Minister Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Quttami has said. Speaking with Khaleej Times recently, he said the erring doctors are usually subjected to investigation and then referred to a competent court which issues a sentence of deportation if the doctor involved is an expatriate. ''Health authorities in the GCC are also alerted so as not to recruit them again,'' he said. Recently, UAE national Mitha Al Balouchi, 24, had half of her skull cut by mistake during a brain surgery. ...
First draft of environment health plan nearly ready [302]
The first draft of the UAE's National Strategy for Environmental Health will be ready by June, Gulf News has learnt. Last year the UAE Government announced a project to develop a national strategy for environmental health by 2011 and formed a committee of local and international experts to formulate it. ...
Sharjah hospital to open fertility centre within a year
Access to fertility treatment in the UAE has proven to be increasingly difficult due to the lack of specialised clinics available. In Dubai especially, private clinics have been banned from offering in vitro fertilisation (IVF). There is only one government-run fertility centre in Dubai, the Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Centre, and couples are often forced to travel to other emirates or seek help abroad. ...
Juvenile diabetes on the rise [302]
Childhood diabetes in the UAE is mostly the unpreventable Type I diabetes, but doctors have now reported seeing children as young as 10 with Type II diabetes. Obesity is the main culprit in the development of Type II diabetes, which is when the body becomes resistant to insulin and is no longer able to convert sugar and starches into energy. ...
Diabetes costs in UAE
....... The UAE spends between US$100 and US$200 million (Dh367 to Dh734 million) annually on treating diabetes. UAE nationals are entitled to free healthcare under the Constitution. ...
Dubai's e-prescriptions reduce medication errors by 50% [320]
The electronic prescription system implemented in Dubai government healthcare facilities has helped in reducing medication errors by 50 per cent, a senior official has said. The Department of Health and Medical Services (Dohms) in Dubai launched the e-prescription system for its hospitals and primary health centres (PHCs) in 2007. The system has been successfully implemented in three of its hospitals and some PHCs while it is still being introduced in other Dohms facilities. ...
Medical waste dumped in public bins
Dangerous medical waste, including exposed needles and bloodstained dressings, is being illegally dumped in public rubbish bins while the city’s incinerator remains inoperable, a municipal official said today. ...
Air Quality, Hazardous Waste And Environmental Risks To Human Health Highlighted In A Conference [302]
The International Conference on Environmental Health 2009, organized by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the World Health Organization’s Regional Centre for Environmental Health Activities (WHO/CEHA), continued in its 2nd day with a special focus on air quality and health, hazardous waste, environmental risks to human health and the global emerging environmental health challenges. ...
Boom in healthcare spending set to spur IT
Direct health spending in the GCC will rise by 300 percent to US$60bn in 2025 compared with US$15bn in 2008, says a recent report. ...
Despite high diabetes prevalence, critical treatments remain inaccessible [200]
Despite a huge prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the UAE and KSA, the treatment of the disease is highly fragmented and sub-optimal in a number of areas, according to UAE-based global healthcare research and consulting firm Datamonitor. ...
Call for diabetes checks on truckers
A doctor has called for lorry drivers to face roadside tests for diabetes. Dr Sean Petherbridge, a specialist in family medicine at the Infinity Clinic in Dubai, said he would like to see a national roadside screening programme to test drivers’ blood sugar levels. He said insulin-affected diabetics were at risk of falling into a coma if their blood sugar levels were not properly maintained. ...
United Arab Emirates Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q1 2009
For the Q109 update of UAE's Pharmaceutical and Healthcare report, BMI has extended our forecast for the pharmaceutical sector through to 2013. We expect drug market spending to increase from US$850mn in 2008 to US$1.41bn in 2013, representing y-o-y growth of 10%. A main driver for increased spending comes in the form of increasing burden of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Health spending per capita is projected to rise from US$1,525 in 2008 to US$2,310 by 2013. ...
Pioneering surgery a success
A Dubai hospital has conducted two of the first minimally invasive surgical procedures to remove a thymus gland (thymectomy). The procedure, called a video-assisted thoracoscopic extended thymectomy, was performed by Dr Fouad M. Azoury, Chairman of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the American Hospital, Dubai on young Omani female patients who were suffering from myasthenia gravis, a condition which affects the patients' ability to breathe normally. ...
349 People Tested HIV-Positive in 2008
As many as 349 people tested HIV-positive at the Department of Health and Medical Services (Dohms) and private hospitals in 2008.
In 2007, 414 people had tested positive. According to the annual report on infectious diseases in Dohms and private hospitals, at least 35 other people (nationals and expatriates) were found to be suffering from the disease (AIDS) in 2008. According to the report, a majority of those infected with HIV was expatriates — 174 men and 148 women. Among the Emirati who tested HIV-positive were 24 men and three women. ...
Health Ministry puts ban on cough mixture
The Ministry of Health has issued a circular to all government and private hospitals and managers of private pharmacies instructing them not to dispense cough and cold medications for children under six years old. ... the move was in line with the practices of international drug authorities, as these medicines were not proven effective for this age group, ... the circular limits selling these drugs for children between 6 and 12 only upon a medical prescription. ...
Why are we so fat? [302]
It is one of the most enduring of UAE myths: the ‘Dubai stone’, where those who move to Dubai pile on the pounds due to an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and an immersion into the service culture so beloved in the region. While there are no statistics to back up these claims, the transitory nature of expatriates here making such assertions unreliable, there is concrete data about the poor health of UAE nationals. ...
Medical screening proves its worth [302]
Thousands of cases of infectious illnesses were reported to medical authorities last year, showing the benefits of the government monitoring system in preventing the spread of disease. Tuberculosis, cholera, meningitis, malaria, rabies, leprosy and Hepatitis A, B and C were among the maladies reported to the Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai, which keeps comprehensive records of all reported cases of infectious diseases. ...
Nurses Fearful of Deportation Could Hide Infectious Diseases [302]
Healthcare workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who are likely to have contacted HIV or Hepatitis B from hospital needles are reluctant to report the injuries, through fear of losing their jobs. A survey of 1,420 nurses and doctors in Dubai and Sharjah revealed that one in five have been injured by sharp objects and 55 percent of those injuries were contaminated. However, under-reporting was sixfold in a study group of 752 workers and non-existent in a further study group of 668 workers. ...
SKMC organizes 'Pediatric Update Conference 2009'
Under the patronage of his highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Institute of Pediatric at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) holds its Conference on 'Pediatric Update 2009' .. SKMC, is owned and operated by Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ...
Campaign aims at medication safety
Tawam Hospital, owned and operated by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company that is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi, has launched a medication safety campaign to educate healthcare providers and the general public....
Bachelors in Midwifery Program at Dubai Women's College
Dubai Women's College (DWC) has launched a new full time Bachelors Program in Midwifery from March 1st, 2009. The program is the first of its kind in UAE, co-sponsored by Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS/DHA) and has enrolled 24 registered nurses from Al Wasl and Dubai Hospitals. ...
Health Insurance to Drive Middle East Market
With favorable demographic profile, growing insurance awareness level and strong demand for insurance products (particularly non-life), the Middle East insurance industry is expected to grow at fast pace in coming years. ...
Daman covered patients offered ambulatory healthcare services
Abu Dhabi: More than 140 patients who are covered with the National Health Insurance Company (Daman) are now being offered ambulatory healthcare services under the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) in Al Samha. ...
Shisha banned in more public spaces
DUBAI - The municipality yesterday announced a ban on smoking shisha at beaches, parks and other family areas as part of moves to stamp out smoking in public places. The target forms part of Dubai’s Strategic Plan for 2007 to 2015, which aims to protect public health and improve the quality of life for residents. ...
UAE to put graphic photos on cigarette packs
From September, tobacco products in the UAE will carry new labels that will include pictures of blackened lungs and a haemorrhage-impacted brain to warn about the hazards of smoking, reported Gulf News. The pictures, which were donated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), also appear on cigarette packs sold in the UK, Canada and Brazil.

UAE doctors caught issuing illegal sick notes
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has revoked the licences of three doctors caught issuing fake sick notes to government employees, reported The National. One of the doctors whose licence has been revoked issued 2,500 notes in one year. Patients are usually charged Dhs100 for each note.

GCC couples urged to get marriage blood tests
Doctors in the Middle East are calling on couples in the region to get blood test screening done before marriage in an effort to detect whether they are carriers of Thalassemia, the most common, inherited single gene disorder in the world. People with thalassemia are found anywhere in the world, but it is most commonly found among particular ethnicities, including those persons of Middle Eastern or Gulf ancestry.

Vitamin D warning issued [302]
A lack of vitamin D is responsible for many health problems, ... Over the past two years examining 80,000 blood samples, Dr Haq found that 65 per cent of women and 60 per cent of men had vitamin D deficiencies ....
Doctors scribble illegal sick notes
Doctors have been caught issuing thousands of illegal and fake sick notes to government employees. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revoked the licences of three doctors, one of whom issued 2,500 notes in one year, after investigating claims of the illegal practice. It has also temporarily closed a private clinic. ...
Tawam Hospital encourages staff to improve quality
UAE ‘s Tawam Hospital in Al-Ain is organizing a range of activities to raise awareness amongst staff about JCI accreditation requirements. Tawam Hospital is managed by US group Johns Hopkins Medicine ...
Expert says UAE loses Dh10.5b to traffic
As much as 3.5 per cent of the UAE's gross domestic product (GDP), which amounts to Dh10.5 billion, is wasted annually as a result of traffic congestion, an official has said. .... Congestion, collisions and pollution are the three major negative externalities of mobility, he added. ...
Dubai encourages blood donations
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS) have launched an awareness campaign to encourage blood donations. Under the slogan “Your Blood is Mine … Donate Voluntarily”, the Blood Donation Center at Al Wasl Hospital hopes to increase the number of regular donators they get each year. ...
CMPMedica Signs an Agreement With MAIDIS for e-prescribing Solutions in Abu Dhabi
CMPMedica, a global healthcare information provider, has signed an agreement with MAIDIS, the international healthcare software vendor, to provide an integrated medicine management system for two hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. ... These solutions, combined with local data in Arabic, will power MAIDIS' e-prescribing software and Electronic Medical Record in the UAE. ...
Doctors warn of blood shortages
Doctors warned yesterday that the country’s hospitals are headed towards a serious shortage of blood supplies because of the rising population and the prevalence in the UAE of blood disorders. Healthcare professionals said a significant increase in the number of donors was needed to keep up with demand. Last year, one per cent of the population donated blood, giving 86,000 units. ...
Specialised German hospital being built in Abu Dhabi
Approximately 60-80 per cent of Emiratis and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council will now have the option of receiving German medical assistance in Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of Health has given the go-ahead to the establishment of the Dh184 million German General Hospital (GGH) in Khalifa City. This will be the first German hospital in the UAE. ...
Norovirus should not be taken lightly
The UAE needs to pay more attention to norovirus, a very common but often overlooked food-borne virus that causes diarrhoea and vomiting, said a US food safety expert. Norovirus is a highly infectious virus that spreads through faecal matter. It can transfer from an infected person to surfaces, food or people. In addition to diarrhoea and vomiting, it also causes stomach cramps and chills. ...
Health IT Law Addresses Interoperability, Privacy, Security And Deployment Of Electronic Health Records [230][302]
The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), signed into law , aims to improve healthcare delivery by reducing medical errors, driving down costs, and giving patients greater information about, and control over, their medical records. The new law brings together a wide range of issues and stakeholders in healthcare, information technology, and the government to jump-start widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHR).... HITECH, a part of the economic stimulus bill, provides $19 billion to standardize and secure the creation, access, storage, and sharing of electronic health information. ...
Health check for indoor air quality [302]
Air quality in 600 homes across the UAE is to be analysed by scientists next month to determine whether it could be making families ill. The Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) is funding the research by experts from the University of North Carolina, which will examine the randomly selected homes for evidence of ailments caused by poor air quality, including sick building syndrome (SBS). ...
German standard of health care coming soon to Abu Dhabi
A 100-bed multi-speciality hospital staffed by German doctors and nurses is to be built in Khalifa City and is expected to be finished by the end of 2010. ...
Hayati launches healthcare finance in UAE [200]
Hayati Healthcare, a new company that will provide financing to patients who want elective surgery or need additional funds to go to a top-tier facility in the country, launched yesterday, executives said. ...
Horrific accidents blamed on negligence and speeding [302]
Nine people were killed in road accidents in Dubai and Al Ain in the past two days. Seven people were killed in a high-speed car collision on Saturday morning near the town of Nahil, in the north-west of downtown Al Ain, traffic police said. The victims were travelling in a Porsche and a Toyota Yaris. Both cars were totally destroyed. ...
‘Doctors’ who prey on poverty [302]
In the construction labour camps the rogue doctors are known as “compounders”, a colloquial Indian term for an unlicensed medical practitioner. There are also those who masquerade as experts in ayurveda, the Hindu practice of balancing diet, herbal treatment and yoga, according to legitimate Indian doctors with knowledge of the situation in the camps. They claim to bring with them oils and potions from “back home” to cure aches and pains and operate out of makeshift clinics in the industrial areas between Dubai and Sharjah, Karama, Deira and Jebel Ali. ...


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