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Healthcare Informatics Standards  
  • HL7 United States
    Standards for electronic interchange of clinical, financial, and administrative information among health care oriented computer systems; e.g. hospital information systems, clinical laboratory systems, enterprise systems, and pharmacy systems. Version3 RIM (Reference Information Model) incorporates health concepts and classifications. Includes news, events, meetings, resources and committee details.
  • Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12
    Develops standards, in X12 and XML formats, and maintains, interprets, publishes and promotes the proper use of American National and UN/EDIFACT International Electronic Data Interchange Standards. Includes membership, committes, meetings, news and press releases and subcommittee details.
  • Duke University, Medical Informatics Standards
    A repository of information on a number of widely used and important standards for use in Informatics.
  • American National Standards Institute's Healthcare Informatics Standards Board (ANSI HISB) -
    provides an open, public forum for the voluntary coordination of healthcare informatics standards among all USA standards developing organizations.
Terminologies and Classifications:  
  • Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)
    Metathesaurus and semantic network with lexical applications that can be used to overcome problems caused by differences in terminology and scattering of related information across databases. Includes FAQs, documentation, papers, license agreements, knowledge source server, bibliography and details of applications. (Custodians are the National Library of Medicine)
  • SNOMED International: The Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine
    A dynamic, sustainable, scientifically validated terminology developed by College of American Pathologists (CAP) to enable the sharing of health care knowledge across clinical specialties and sites of care. Includes news, events, services, programs, related sites, training, careers and details of user groups. 
  • Australian Pathology Code Lists
    A common set of request codes for software manufacturers for electronic ordering, a reference terminology suitable for coding research requests and a maintained list of "abbreviations" for accounts under Australian Health Insurance Act. Developed through Standards Australia IT-14-6-5. Details of downloads, feedback, descriptions and links.
  • Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC)
    Dataset of universal identifiers for laboratory and other clinical observations to facilitate exchange and storage of clinical results or vital signs for patient care and research. Includes downloads, news, meetings, background, articles, e-mail list and submissions. Links to its custodians the Regenstrief Institute.
  • Classifications and Terminologies Working Group (CTWG)
    Committee of the Australian National Health Information Group (NHIG) with responsibilities for endorsing and monitoring the stability and viability of health classifications and terminologies within Australia. Details of membership, informatics resources, terms of reference, contact information and publications provided.





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